Tour Guide Tuesday: Best spots to stay cool in Epcot’s World Showcase during the hot summer months

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The American Adventure

Last week, I talked about good, air conditioned locations around Future World to sit and take a break from the Florida heat. Today, we are going to stay at Epcot, but head over to World Showcase and explore some “cool” options in that area of the park.

Since there are fewer “attractions” located in World Showcase, it can be a bit more difficult to find spots to take a break. Of course there are restaurants to be found in each of the countries, but they are only good for the time that you may be eating. Also, many of the quick service dining spots have outdoor seating areas, which may not be very comfortable during this hot time of year. You can also enjoy the air conditioned shops, but you won’t find too many places to sit. So, let’s take a clockwise look at the nations around World Showcase Lagoon, and find some good locations to cool off.

The first country you come to when turning left into the World Showcase area is Mexico. Although there is a nice, indoor shopping area, there really aren’t many spots to sit. Moving along to Norway, you will again find a good size shop (featuring a strong scented perfume), but this isn’t a place to find comfortable seating. The first country with a great indoor seating area is China. When you enter the waiting area for the “Reflections of China” movie, you will see a room full of benches to sit on. Most guests sit here while waiting for the next show, but you can sit as long as you’d like, in air conditioned comfort.

Waiting Area for Reflections of China

As you continue in a clockwise direction, you will come upon Germany followed by Italy. Both of these pavilions have good restaurants and several small shops, but you won’t find indoor places to sit, unless you are planning to have a meal. The next country along the route is America, which is probably the best spot in World Showcase to sit down and take a break. Not only are there plenty of benches, but you may also be entertained by the very talented Voices of Liberty. Then, if you still feel like sitting for a while longer, you should head into The American Adventure show. Similar in concept to the Hall of Presidents, this theater has comfortable seats and excellent air conditioning.

The American Adventure
The American Adventure Lobby

The next pavilion is Japan, and there is a little known spot as you head toward the back of the area that is like a small “Anime” museum. The entrance is on the left, just before you enter the rear section of the large gift shop. There are some benches in the middle of the room to sit and take a break. After Japan, you will come upon Morocco, which houses one of my favorite, “hidden gem” locations to take a quick break. Toward the front, left area of this pavilion, there is another museum-like room called Moroccan Style. Unlike most of the stores and restaurants, the doors to this part of the building remain closed, and most guests just pass right by. However, this is great spot with benches, and it is usually quiet enough to make a phone call.

Anime Museum
Moroccan Style

Continuing around the promenade, you will next run into France. There aren’t any specific spots for an air conditioned break, unless you would like to enjoy (or endure) Impressions de France, which is a 33 year old movie about that country. After France, you will see the United Kingdom. Now, if you are looking for a great spot for a drink, you have found it. The Rose and Crown is a fun pub where you can certainly take a break. However, if you don’t plan on grabbing a drink or eating in the restaurant, there aren’t any indoor spots to just sit down.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Canada pavilion. This is one of my favorite countries from a theming standpoint. When you head to the back toward the big waterfall and the pine trees, you truly feel like you’ve been transported to the country to our north. If you enter the waiting area for the O’ Canada movie, you will find a large room with plenty of benches. Like the China movie, O’ Canada is in a circular theater that requires guests to stand. However, you can continue to sit in the waiting area, as there is no obligation to watch the movie. Also, for the coolest air conditioning, sit near the entrance doors to the theater.

O’ Canada Waiting Area

Using last week’s article combined with this one, I hope you are able to easily find places to stay cool when visiting Epcot this summer. Stay tuned for Hollywood Studios!

I hope you enjoy “Tour Guide Tuesday.” If you want additional tips while you’re in the parks, WDW Guided Tours is happy to help!


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