Comments for Tour Guide Tuesday: Best spots to stay cool in Epcot’s Future World as summer descends on Walt Disney World


  1. Kim

    Good tips – knew most of these, but surprised me with Test Track since they re-designed it the benches moved, and with Ellen’s Energy. 🙂

    Many employees of HP, GM and Siemens are to this day still unaware of the cool employee ‘offices’ in their respective pavilions (I assume they are all still operating.) I worked for HP, and having a place to rest, as well as games, a video booth, computer, photo printer and a clean private bathroom all to retreat to was heaven in the heat of summer. Be sure to ask your guests if any of them are employees, and to bring their badge to EPCOT.

  2. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

    Kim….great points. Those lounges are nice spots and I should ask my guests ahead of time if they are employees. Thanks for the comments!


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