Comments for Review: “Inside Out” brings back original Pixar charm, as director Pete Docter recounts ‘brainstorm’ that sparked the idea


  1. Brad

    It really is a terrific film. I absolutely loved it.

  2. Ken

    I honestly believe that Pixar has the market cornered on pulling on the watcher’s heartstrings.

  3. Jeff Lynch

    It really bothers me that Pixar does not acknowledge that this cartoon is just a version of the old TV show Herman’s Head. I think it’s dishonest to pretend that Inside Out is not just a cartoon version of Herman’s Head.

    1. Malcolm Thomas

      I keep hearing this complaint time and time again. Show of hands, who else besides this guy REMEMBERS Herman’s Head and knew about it before this movie made the headlines?

      Hear the crickets?

      1. Rey Leija

        I remember Herman’s Head as I used to watch it regularly. And yes, as much as I love Pixar; there are too many similarities to believe that Herman’s Head didn’t play any part in inspiring the concept of the movie. Another source overlooked is the animated Disney short “Reason and Emotion” which animated predates Herman’s Head.

      2. Roberto

        Because your (or anyone’s) personal level of familiarity with Hermans’s Head is the determining factor in how similar it is to Inside Out. Stellar logic.

    2. Ken

      The concept of humanized versions inside out heads was around before Herman’s Head (see Reason and Emotion). There is no reason for them to claim it is a cartoon version of Herman’s Head unless it actually was.

  4. EricJ

    I giggle at anyone who even REMEMBERS 80’s/90’s Fox. (Except for Garry Shandling’s show, and when the Simpsons were still on Tracey Ullman.) For me it was always Cranium Command: the Movie, from the first announcement.

    Just off the subject, has there been any news of the characters appearing at the Studios? We’ve seen a lot of the pre-Parade appearances, but Disney’s been rather closemouthed about the possibility of Meet & Greets at the Studios. Even a meetup with Joy and Sadness at the fan preview was listed as a “special event”.
    Hope they’re not assuming that “Nobody wants a hug with Sadness… 🙁 “, which one might get the impression of from Disney’s YouTube video of the fan meet. (Hey, there are just as many Pooh fans of Eeyore as there are of Tigger!)

    1. SeAraujo

      Touché, EricJ!
      Totally Cranium Command, and I’m happy with it. Reminds me a lot of fun at Epcot :o)

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