Comments for Review: Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package gives you a lot of Frozen treats and free time


  1. Dora

    thanks so much for this- it couldn’t have come at a better time as Ill be there on the premium package tomorrow. This is a first for me and my DD so it’s great to have a heads up on what to expect.

  2. Erick

    We haven’t finished the experience yet, but so far we’re not impressed.

    To start, while the package does get you a reserved area for the parade, we can’t say it’s really all that great as we saw people walk in later than we ‘checked into’ the reserved area with better standing room and accessibility once the parade subsided.

    The seating for the Sing-a-long was nice, but FastPass+ users can easily manage seats within the first four rows. Perhaps I don’t understand the lustor of front row seating.

    Based on the above review, I’m a little concerned about how the night will end. While dessert will likely be nice (and everything I’ve read, I expect it to be positive), the ‘less than ideal’ viewing of the fireworks seems counterproductive considering this is a PREMIUM experience.

    So, if you want a better parade view, look at the route on the map and plan accordingly. If you want a decent seat at the Sing-a-long, FastPass+ it. If you prefer the fireworks, don’t do the desserts…. Long story short, not sure what the extra cash I paid was for.

    1. Donny

      Erick, So how was the rest of the day? (Fireworks Dessert Party) My family is doing this in a couple of weeks. At the parade, do you get icecream and drinks? Thanks Donny

  3. Diane

    Why do you say it is available with the exception of August 23? That is the day I booked the package for. Should I be concerned?

  4. googleq

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  5. Damaris

    Hello we did the summer package july 6 it was great,after you check in make sure to get early to the enclosed area to watch the parade, unless you prefer to do the first sing a long at 9:30am,so you quickly can go to the reserve area right after the sing a long. The reserve area is nice is partially shade, much better that stand by the center stage( way to hot). Also enjoy all the water and ice cream that is include in your package. The sing a long seating is fine we have a great view. Dessert party : great sweet treats, ice cream , ice cones and adult drinks,also crayons and coloring pages for the kids,be advise that if is raining the party will be move indoors, in our case we went to Indiana Jones, it was very simple decoration.the reserve area for the fireworks is the same area you have in the morning for the parade, if you want to see the stage show closer you need to set yourself in front of the stage and a way from the reserve area,if you want to have more quiet time the reserve area is nice you will watch everything from there and the music is less loud, the fireworks are beautiful.The package worth it???? Yes, if you want a shade area with refreshments to watch the parade, if you don’t want to do the crazy long lines under the sun to watch the sign a long and if you want a quiet spot to watch the fireworks,also everybody enjoy the sweets in the dessert party, my favorites was the mini key lime,elsa chocolate cupcake and the mini cream puff.my daughter like cherry ice cones and my husband loves the chocolate mint shots.If your kids are frozen fans you will have a lot of fun, enjoy.

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