Comments for PHOTOS: Peek inside 21 Royal Street, the private dining addition to Club 33 at Disneyland


  1. Lisa

    Is it just for club 33 members? If not, how much is it to reserve for event?

  2. Dennis

    Club members will have priority for reservations but no, this is not specific to Club 33. The cost is estimated to run between $300 and $400 per person for reservations. Seating is limited to 14 people.

  3. frozenn

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  4. Pam

    The remodel removed no footage from Club 33 at all, but pulled from some of the Dream Suite space and a pantry area that was used prior to the 2014 Club 33 remodel. Since the remodel added an entirely new kitchen for Club 33 (in what used to be The Trophy Room), the pantry area was blocked off and unused.

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