Comments for NBC Sports Grill & Brew announced for Universal Orlando CityWalk, opening fall 2015


  1. Sven L.

    Really cringey video. The fake excitement mixed with the horrible graphics. Guess it won’t be much different from the Nascar grill.

  2. EricF

    That’s looks really nice to go there and dine out when it’s opened.

    And you know? I’m always very excited that Universal and Nintendo are together to create attractions based on Nintendo franchises for Universal theme parks in the future. And although there are still no details just yet, I bet that hopefully someday Nintendo will be at Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando where after that Universal will close down Marvel Island and then tare up their contract and give up the attractions rights of Marvel and as well as sell the rights of their Marvel attractions to Disney (which includes Spider-Man ride) since Marvel is bought by Disney six years ago and also for Universal Studios Japan, I hope someday that they will probably close down two theme attractions like Jaws and WaterWorld or where else will be so they can replace it or them into a Nintendo themed land. If the details gets officially updated eventually, I know for sure that it will be a slam-dunk hit with not only theme park fans, but as well as video gamers. Especially ever since Nintendo is every fan’s favorite and part of popular culture in the world.

    And another thing about Nintendo speaking of which, ever since Nintendo is a legend of video games, sometimes every person gets confuse other video game franchises and characters as Nintendo like for example they thought Sonic is Nintendo, they thought Megaman is Nintendo and they thought Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Pacman, Final Fantasy and Halo are Nintendo, but that’s wrong because we know Sonic is actually Sega, Megaman is Capcom, Pacman is Namco, Final Fantasy is Square Enix, Halo is Microsoft, and especially Crash and Spyro were actually Universal Interactive and Sony’s Playstation and they’re all not Nintendo. I was like “geez, what’s going on? I wish some people can get it right when it comes to Nintendo and video games because I have a feeling that it had started to become the same situation as Disney where some people gets confuse for non-Disney animated films like Shrek, Ice Age, Happy Feet, etc. as Disney and Pixar films since Disney and Pixar are both considering to be the legends of animation. But we’ll all know that Shrek, Ice Age, Happy Feet and others are actually not Disney and Pixar movies.”, know what I mean?

  3. Jeany Sanchez

    Awesome! I love Nbc Sports Grill and Brew! I can’t wait to eat there!

  4. omar

    Let make a partition for bring meet the world to the carousel of progress

  5. paul mclennan

    Can’t wait 2 visit……lots of beers 2 try

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