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  1. Sounds exciting.Here’s hoping they can create a new Edison in the East that has the unique and surprising environments of their Los Angeles location (in an ACTUAL old power plant.) It might be a bit of an uphill climb finding an audience as there are hundreds of WDW guests still disappointed in the mysterious closing of the monumentally popular Adventurers Club. Best of luck to the Edison … we’re all pulling for you.

    1. Jeff

      “Hundreds” of Guests represents less than one full turn at a restaurant. Based on people who have been looking forward to new dining experiences, Edison will do fine. No uphill battle necessary.

  2. Dave-o

    This is a tribute to the amazing bar in LA of the same name!!

  3. Glen

    Interesting – but also disappointing they are adding palm readers. They really don’t need to go there…

  4. Karen Kuzsel

    I’m not sure where your head is at, Glen, but I actually was the palm reader at the adventurers club for quite a long time before working as a reader for Disney Parks, hotels & private parties for corporate & social functions. My readings were and still are, accurate, humorous, interactive and completely positive while still entertaining and wow-ing the guests. I would absolutely love to be considered to be a palm reader for this hotel. Have the costumes, the knowledge, the professionalism, and the right attitude to create an enhanced guest experience.

    1. Caleb

      So, how does a palm reader play into the 1920’s power plant theming? I guess MAYBE a contortionist I can associate with that era (although not power plant??)… I guess You just gotta have DJ’s. Just a theming question.

    2. Geli

      Omg you worked at the adventures club? V so jealous! I loved that place sooooo much! !

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