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  1. TOM A

    Still sad to see Maelstrom gone as it was always one of my favorite rides and added to my life long fascination with Norway but this sounds really good and it is great to see they are keeping the Viking boats!

    1. Pokkito

      Based on the Wall Street article, it sounds like they are moving the loading area closer to the original exit to the ride. The article describes a couple of scenes that occur before the lift hill, which makes me think they are going to utilize the space between the original unload and load area to extend the attraction by a few more seconds. I’m guessing that loading and unloading is going to occur in the same area now, probably at the same time, similar to small world.

  2. Marta M. Wendy

    i’m sorry but I very disappointed with Disney Management because Epcot is a cultural and futuristic park , not fantasy. Walt Disney wanted a park where you learn and explore different countries. He wanted to make it fun but historical. Frozen is an overplayed movie, it’s good but it doesn’t belong in Epcot. Arendelle is not real, that doesn’t exist in Norway, yes they picked different scenes to imagine where the characters can be located but it’s not real. Frozen belongs to the New Fantasyland or MGM. I really hope they leave the rest alone. Epcot is my favorite park and if it becomes more like this putting movies where they don’t belong, taking away the cultural aspect, I won’t enjoy it like I use too. Walt Disney would not be pleased of what your doing with his creation. I really hope you reconsider this and bring back the Norway Pravillion we all know and enjoy.

    1. tt

      Walt would be disappointed in lots of things about the company, so using that argument again is overplayed. Besides, Frozen is not the first animated film to be put in Epcot. There was also Three Caballeros in Mexico, and Mulan in China. I haven’t been there in a year, but I’m pretty sure there’s San Fransokyo things in Japan as well.

      1. Bryan Fykes

        Walt didn’t plan EPCOT as a theme park AT ALL… so using the argument that walt wouldn’t want EPCOT fantasied up doesn’t hold water either. EPCOT as Walt planned it was Experimental Prototype COMMUNITY of tomorrow- a city, not a world’s fair. (Not that I am complaining, I love Epcot past and present.

      2. Jonathan

        While that may be true, the 3 Cabelleros and Mulan actually represent those countries. Arendell is a fictional country made up by Disney. And there’s nothing representing San Fransokyo in the Japanese Pavilion. That pavilion is owned by majority by Japan. Disney can’t make changes there without Japanese approval. Same for China and Morocco

        1. stephanie

          No country owns any pavilion. Only the government of Morocco sponsors their pavilion. Norway pulled it’s sponsorship a while ago. All others are sponsored by companies from the respective countries, or not at all. Japan has mascots for everything-watch John Oliver’s segment about it on “Last Week Tonight”. Adding cartoon characters to Japan’s pavilion would be completely culturally consistent.
          I don’t think Mulan’s village is ever named in the movie, and it is a story (I don’t think it is meant to be based on any historical facts) set in China. How is that different from Frozen?

      3. Ian b g

        The three caballeros attraction was put in because the song and parts of the original attraction were slightly racist, and were being increasingly frowned in our sadly over politically correct world. Luckily, Sanfransokyo hasn’t made a large impact on Japan sans merchandise in the back corner of the large store. But I will admit ate addition of frozen is unacceptable. But, the reason that epoxy was chosen for this attraction is that Maelstrom was due for a major renunciation, most of the analytics were failing, so they put the money into this afternoon’s changing and saved money by not having to make a new ride building and layout. Which will go into all of the Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs, and Hollywood Studios construction.

    2. Sam

      *you’re doing. Just saying.

      1. Dude!

        arrogance. Your, you’re, ewe’re and yer a jerk. There is no reason to attack grammar other than petty superiority complexes.

        1. Swag

          Haha yes you tell ’em

    3. Kelsi Mish

      Actually, Epcot was originally supposed to futuristic not countries. Sorry.

    4. stephanie

      The point of World Showcase is to introduce different cultures to children. There is no way that the pavilion can give children a full understanding of a country, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to spark a child’s interest. Having Frozen associated with Norway will increase children’s interest and help them remember it. The country’s sponsorship of World Showcase was supposed to be a trade off for tourism advertising, and having Frozen in the pavilion will increase tourism to Norway. Look at all the travel to Norway advertising that is present on the Disney Parks Blog just in the last few posts. Disney is encouraging families to travel to Norway to really be immersed in the actual place. I’m sure the tourism board of Scotland would be very excited if the UK pavilion opened a Brave ride with an exhibit about Scottish culture. Even if not every child who visits pays attention to the cultural exhibit, there will be so many more children visiting than before.
      I think this move overall will lead to more children learning about the culture of Norway, so there is no need to be upset about this. Arendale isn’t a real place, but it is an imaginary kingdom which takes it’s art/cultural references from the real country of Norway.

    5. Jupiter

      Walt wanted EPCOT to be a city, not a park. You’re welcome to have your opinion on what the park Should be, but don’t put words in the mouth of the dear departed just to fit your argument. Have some respect

      1. Thank you Jupiter! I don’t always agree with what people say, but your right about having respect for the diseased!

      2. Gm

        +1 Jupiter
        Not even a discussion! A&E can chill at Hollywood Studios.

    6. Arendelle is actually a very non-fiction country. You really need to learn your history. It does not show on recent maps, because it is not a well known area to public. It was not made for public views, but to be private so it wasn’t littered with man’s garbage. Epcot was built for historical purposes, but the thought of arguing over what Walt Disney and Company may or may not have wanted there…Well Walt would be turning in his grave right now, and you all throwing negative comments should be ashamed of yourselves! What does it matter. Your opinions as adults, or your child’s opinions when they walk into Epcot, and the magnificent beauty behind it all. Those are the moments they will treasure forever, and their memories are what matters most. As they are the ones who will be our foundations when we fall!

  3. Laura

    Million dollar question: will it be wheelchair friendly?
    I mean, if your changing it that much, might as well make it accessible. I was more than disappointed when POTC had the huge renovation a few years back and wasn’t made accessible. It broke my heart. I may have even cried a little.

    *muscular dystrophy: electric wheelchair bound without the ability to transfer.

    1. Adrien

      I don’t think there’s a way to make a boat with a Wheelchair lift inside accessible for an attraction that features drops.

      1. Jon

        This is true. Sad, but true.

      2. Swag

        I agree, that’s a very tough thing to do. Unfortunately.

      3. Gm

        there is a way to make anything if they desire to.

      4. Ian b g


  4. josh

    Sounds aweful. I’m sure the people of Norway would be offended as well as Walt. Just because that argument is overused doesn’t make it not valid..

  5. Jeany Sanchez

    Awesome! Frozen-Ever-after will great for EPCOT and I can’t wait for Next year I love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Maria

    Any date for this?

    1. Izzy

      May 2016 is what I read in another article.

  7. Kevin

    Why can’t World Showcase also be a place that shows how Disney uses the real world, real places to influence the design of their movies. The argument that Arendelle is a fantasy forgets the fact that trolls are fantasy.

  8. Noah

    Nice to hear your voice again, Ricky! It’s very nice to hear you back reporting the latest news, even if it is only for a little over a minute. Hoping for some new podcasts soon, keep up the great work!

  9. Carolynn

    Disney is where your dreams come true, right ?

  10. chris

    if you think about it though the biggest problem is if they only increase the ride by maybe 30 sec instead of an extra 3min then it will still be a two min ride which will also mean that the wait is gonna be the highest wait at all of Disney world and you will have to fast pass a month in advance not to mention if they also have a meatngreet there then Norway itself is gonna be a total mess

    1. chris

      not to sound negative but if you think about it what two rides have the longest waits already its test track and sorin which are both at Epcot is Disney using Epcot and a crowd dumping ground now

      1. Isaiah

        I agree. I love both Test Track and Soarin so much, but they both have extremely long lines most of the time, especially Soarin. Hopefully this will take crowds not only away from Soarin and Test Track, but from other parks as well. (Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Rock N Roller all come to mind).

  11. Victoriaa

    The maelstrom ride scared the heck out of me as a kid. I’m not really heartbroken to see it go away.

  12. TOM A

    I am more curious to see how the line works out…I waited in the 4 hour line back when Anna and Elsa were there and the line wrapped multiple times and straight to the China Pavilion. They can’t have lines like that when there is already a restaurant that creates lines all throughout the day. Hopefully they don’t do anything to my favorite quick service bakery or remove the big troll and take away from the store!

  13. Brian

    I hope that Disney uses the same technique that Macy’s Herald Square in NYC does with Santa. For Santa you wait in a similar 60 to 90 to 120 minute line, it weaves through a fantastically decorated queue and then one of Santa’s helpers brings each guest to the exact house that Santa is sitting in to take a picture with you. The children don’t even notice that the person in front went to a different cottage and the person behind them went to another different cottage. Maybe Elsa/Anna need several cottages… wink, wink.

  14. Liana

    I am very happy that the path will remain.. the backwards and Hill were two of the best features of maelstrom. However this seems to imply that it is yet another retelling of the movie.. which is so boring… as beautiful as Arials ride is.. even my five year old wasn’t that excited.. it is the Peter pans rides unique perspective and the immersion of Belle’s storytelling that make them special. I was really hoping this ride would be an adventure to get Elsa and Ana to a Nordic country council meeting OR something where the riders would have to “go back” in time to fix the weather, etc.. I’m sure it will be beautiful but a twist will bring longevity imo.

  15. Kelley

    I’m pretty excited about it changing into frozen. What day is it gonna be opened?

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