Comments for Disney to ban selfie sticks in all of their Disney Parks, worldwide, after incident at Disneyland this past Wednesday


  1. Monty

    The WDW passholder in me loves this decision…

    The Internet Troll in me wants to point out that this is all just a conspiracy to force everybody to buy Photopass or MemoryMaker….

    1. AJ

      Me Tooooo!!!!

      1. JH

        MemoryMaker photographers will take pics of you with your own camera. Problem solved!

    2. Ro

      They aren’t banning cameras, just the long metal tube that could become a legal projectile when traveling at high speeds in an open vehicle.

      1. Ro

        Argh. Autocorrect. *lethal

      2. Jessicka

        Exactly. I’m an AP, and I don’t buy the photopass or memory maker. I do it the old fashioned way, camera phone and my arm! Plus I don’t take selfies anyways. I’m not conceited nor do I want to be obnoxiously conceited by using a “stick”!!!

        1. Jessicka

          Actually I take that back I’m wicked conceited and love taking photos of myself constantly – just not on cool rides or like anywhere public for fun.

          1. Shillyshally

            Your second post made me smile more than your first one! 🙂

      3. Cindy

        A legal projectile or… a lethal one??

    3. Bob

      Or you know, people could live in the moment and not miss the enjoyment of being in the “happiest place on earth” by trying to record every instant of it.

    4. Angey77

      Or people can just use their arms as they have for decades to take their own pics.

    5. Anthony

      I have to say this is not just a way to force people into buying Memory Maker. Selfie sticks are harmful to our attractions, a safety concern to our guests, and it therefore falls to the cast members to enforce these safety concerns as safety is our number one priority. While I do see the appeal in using a selfie stick to film on an attraction, one doesn’t think of these concerns. Therefore, eliminating them all together will help solve the problem and get cast members back to doing what they’re meant to do: providing a magical experience for the guests. Instead of worrying about a selfie stick.

    6. JP

      Let’s start with PhotoPass is included in your park admission. Memory Maker is an extra. I can see the argument for the MEmory Maker conspiracy but seriously? How hard is it for you to ask another park guest to take your photo? And yes MM photographers will take them with your own camera. I asked a few different people to take my photo with my family while in Orlando a couple weeks ago. Not hard. Selfie Stick=dumbest creation ever.

  2. Shawncmc

    It’s all about safety! Obviously this sort of thing is an accident waiting to happen. We don’t need a picture of every little thing.
    Dare I say….let it go.

  3. Jen S

    YAY! Those things are annoying and dangerous on and off the rides. Use the two selfie sticks we were born with people. 🙂

  4. Anderson

    The Geneva Convention should ban them!

  5. Neko

    well, they havent banned drones yet

    1. Scorpia

      Actually, WDW is restricted air space and drones are not allowed.

  6. Renee

    I was at the parks recently. I was beyond annoyed with people walking around with the selfie stick. Its bad enough its crowded but carrying a stick around just to take photos of yourself is crazy. take photos the regular way. Its a safety hazard. esp. on the rides. cause I swear if I was hit with one that person would not be happy. I am going back in October and looking forward without them. And considering I am a professional photographer. A amusement park with tons of crowds is not the correct place for this.

  7. Suzi

    Great decision. Now if only they would stop selling those light up swords that nearby kids have accidentally poked, smacked, stabbed me, I can’t tell you how many times…

  8. LB

    How about GOpro sticks

  9. Toy96789

    A little know fact by cast members – a common reason why a ride is shut down lately is due to selfie stick accidents.

  10. Sarah

    Why not just ban them from being on the ride?

    1. Diane Wilshere

      They did ban them from rides, Sara. Ignored the ban kept causing ride shutdowns.

  11. Samantha

    I’m very happy about the decision but I gotta say, when I was there in January I didn’t see a single selfie stick anywhere in any of the parks..maybe I was just there at the ideal time? Marathons going on, so selfie sticks were elsewhere? In any case, I’m glad!

    1. Angie

      you may not have seen them because Disney has done a lot to stay on top of those who keep whipping them out and causing a huge inconvenience to all. I live in Orlando and frequent Disney and have seen great strides in making sure they are not being used!

  12. Robert Roehm

    Wonder what will happen to the selfie sticks forgotten or abandoned at exit. (Who wants to wait in line for a cheap $15 stick?)

    Sent off to scrap recycling, or batched into Goodwill donation lots?

    1. DeDe Smith

      sounds great to me! signed loyal employee of Goodwill;)

  13. Angie

    Personally, I think the ban of selfie sticks at Disney is the best thing for public safety. These sticks have become a sore issue for many, especially during parade and fireworks time. They become a safety issue on rides. The safety issue during parade and fireworks is that they are in everyone’s way and I have heard a lot of distraught guests and it’s just a matter of time before some mad man or woman starts a massive fight (if this hasn’t happened already) and possibly in rage even pull out a gun that may get through security. As for the comments that some can’t help but think this is Disney’s way of monopolizing their photo pass/memory maker….they aren’t banning cameras, just the selfie sticks. There are sooooo many people that would gladly take a picture of you and your family. No need for selfie sticks. Thanks Disney!!!

  14. Breed7

    We were at Disneyland Paris early this year and selfie sticks were EVERYWHERE. It was sometimes hard to walk down the sidewalk without dodging several of them. And DLP in February isn’t all that crowded. I can’t imagine Disneyland on a busy weekend.

    I have to say, though, that dodging the sticks was only half the problem. The other half was people holding up their iPhones over everyone’s head to shoot video of parades and shows. It ruined the view for everyone standing behind them. It’s OK for a single photo, but not for 15 minutes of video.

    Whatever happened to just speaking to another human being and asking them to take your picture? I’ve had some great conversations with total strangers when doing that, both as the photographee and the photographer.

    1. salili

      Besides the fact that they become really annoying when you try to walk around in the parkpeople dont realize how dangerous they are when you take them out on rides i work at a theme park as well not Disneyland but close by and i am a ride operator they can create so many safety issues and people get mad at us for ruining their vacation and saying no but what they don’t think its that if anything happens it’s OUR JOBS OUR CONCIENCSE AND ITS US getting in big trouble!!!

  15. Marina Carleton

    YES. I’m an AP at WDW and those selfie sticks frustrate me so much, we are always crowded and when people use those damn sticks it blocks the firework shows, parades, and Im frankly sick of dodging them. Like, have someone take a picture of your whole family for you and be on with your magical day. People really don’t spend enough time looking with their own eyes.

  16. Harley

    I hope other parks follow suit! I can’t tell you how aweful it is at universal etc. My son gets hit in the head numerous times and without concern to anyone but me! So to those that say its Disney etc not saftey — your telling me its my sons height is the problem not the selfie stick?!?!? Seriously now!

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