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Hall of Presidents Lobby


  1. EricJ

    Hall of Presidents–Come for the air conditioning, stay for the show! 🙂
    Seriously, I’d loved that attraction since my first trip as a kid: The animatronics are so detailed (watch the other presidents while Lincoln is speaking), I still like to hear some first-time families grumble, “That was the most boring live show I ever sat through!”

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      Eric…..I agree with you 100%. It is really an incredible attraction that too often gets overlooked!


    2. Cate

      I completely agree! My dad always talks about seeing Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at the NY World’s Fair and how he swore it was a real person. The first time I went to the Hall of Presidents, I felt the exact same way. I knew they were animatronics, but I still felt like they were real people on that stage. This has become a must for us, because of the air and the show 🙂

  2. Eric

    When is the new episode of Inside the Magic podcast show is going to be updated? It’s been 33 days, but no new episodes because i can see that the show is still remaining episode 508 which was updated on April 24th. Why’s that? Is it because the show is going on hiatus or is it had ended or something?

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