Comments for “Rebel Hangar” Star Wars restaurant lounge opens at Walt Disney World with themed food and drinks


  1. Sheila

    Do you know if you HAVE to have reservations to go in for drinks, or will they take walk ins?

    1. Melody

      They do take walk-ups, but only for outside seating.

  2. Melody

    I disagree with your review. We ate there Saturday night. My husband ordered the Dark Fried, I had the ensalada Naboo, and we shared Sith and chips. My salad was a whole chicken breast atop about 2 cups of lettuce, with a ton of other ingredients. Definitely an entree size portion. My husband had enough chicken to share with our toddler and two waffles. And the hummus in the Sith and chips was more than the three of us could eat. We have booked two additional ADR’s for dinners at The Rebel Hanger. It’s more than enough food for an entire meal.

  3. Chris

    We ate there Saturday night. It was good but I wouldn’t say it was great. I thought the Lightsaber bites were quite tasty. My wife and son split the Sith and the Jedi and didn’t care for the dark bread. They also got the Chips and Sith. My wife thought it was good but my three year old son would have nothing to do with hummus that had a face on it. I also had the Swamp Juice and liked it but the Imperial Blue was better. You can add a glow Millennium Falcon, X-Wing or Death Star for five bucks.
    The only character we had at our time was a Jawa. A nice girl in queue in front of us gave our son a spin top to trade with the jawa and he was pleased with the triangle crayons that he got in trade.
    Our reservation was for 8:05 and they were not allowing any walk-ups at that time.

  4. Alex

    Is this only available for Star Wars weekends or is it permanent?

    1. Surya Fernandez

      It was only during that time.

  5. Patricia

    Hi everyone! Please, help. I don’t find Rebel Hangar in My Disney Experience and no option to make a reservation at Backlot Express.
    Any suggestion, please ? Thanks! xx

    1. Surya Fernandez

      This was just temporary and only offered during Star Wars Weekends, which won’t be held anymore at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Sorry!

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