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  1. Lee Stone

    Could this potentially become the replacement theme for marvel superhero island if a deal with Disney to take the characters back happens?

    1. Teddy

      I really hope so I want Disney to be able to give marvel theme park justice not that tacky land at IOA when it was first built it was cool but now with the complexity of the MCU after Disney bought marvel it could be a revolutionary land with many E ticket attractions.

  2. Janice

    Will anything be forthcoming to Disneyland, CA?

    1. Teddy

      Disney and Universal are two different companies. So Disneyland will definitely not be getting anything in this deal but maybe if it’s a hit we could see something in Universal Studios Hollywood

      1. Jim

        Disney bought Marvel.

  3. Andrew Jones

    Cant Wait. If its set in Universals Theme Park itself and not Island of Adventure then it will explain the replacement for the KidZone

  4. Steven

    Hmmm. I wonder why Nintendo chose Universal instead of Disney? Ah well, it works out as I will be going to Universal in Orlando sometime soon (hopefully when Nintendo is finished building their park.)

    1. max weidler

      This is probably because amiibo characters are a direct competitor for Disney’s infinity.

  5. Kevin

    Please oh please let plans include a Mario Kart ride!!! *keels over drooling at the prospect*

  6. chris

    its kinda one of those things though where yes great chars and franchise but trying to wrap my mind on what type of ride will they build.I do know one thing though you wont see a large space dedicated to meet and greets but there will be tons of Nintendo stuff for sell

  7. Jeany Sanchez

    I hope Disney to make Marvel theme park!

  8. Macross

    I’ve heard some rumors from crew members that Toon Lagoon and Marvel Superhero Island are on their way out, with Nintendo replacing Toon Lagoon and Dragonball replacing Marvel. I’d like to see that

  9. Eric

    Nintendo is coming to Universal! WOW!!!!!!! (:D That’s what I thought that Universal could do that and now my dreams has finally come true! Long ago, I made some fan-made ideas and pictures of Nintendo for being Universal theme parks. And since they announce that is going to happen in the future, it’ll be just like my fan ideas. I can’t wait to see that.

    I wonder where at Universal Orlando is going to be at. Like Universal Studios Florida or Islands of Adventure? If IOA, then which section is going to be replaced into a Nintendo themed land? Marvel? Toon Lagoon? Or Lost Continent?

  10. vincent

    super smash bros super exprinses

  11. tony

    I have the Team Members Letter. It doesnt say anything about a land. it says Atrractions meaning ur only going to see A Ride not a land like the title of this news. also from the letter there is no guarantee it will come to orlando. The only ride that is guarantee for orlando is the New King kong ride and King kong is coming to Islands of Adventure.From what the team news letter says. Iam not saying it cant come to florida is that its not guarantee right now.

  12. Denham

    if this replaces the marvel area i hope that the hulk coaster becomes either an f-zero coaster or the cannon from DK mountain on mario kart double dash…. that would be awesome

    p.s. luigi’s mansion halloween experience would be sweeeeeeeet 😛

  13. itselguapo

    So first thing I think of is Mario kart, Go karting with mario kart theming such as pipe, piranha plants coming out of the pipe, maybe a sleeping chain chomp, some goombas the list goes on. Second thing Luigi’s mansion shooting dark ride where you hunt ghosts, instead of constantly pulling a tiny rope or firing a trigger you hold the trigger and keep your crosshair over the ghost to capture it. Person with the highest score wins a Polterpup Plush to show your the best of the day.

    1. tony

      That would be a Fantastic Idea Mario kart theme go karts. Thats one thing Universal doesnt have is Go Karts. I think Florida is getting one ride only. so I would chose Mario Kart. and Give Luigis Mansion dark ride to California. Universal Orlando doesnt neet another shooting dark ride. thats y i pick Mario Go Karts.

  14. tony

    First lets remeber Japan Universal Studios will get the Rides First then they will bring it to the U.S. Just like they did with Transformers coming to Asia First then the u.s. If it is a Hit in Japan then the will port it over to Orlando Or California. If they have the Budget for it.

  15. tony

    Each park has their own Budget even though its the same company. Thats why i dont think i will come to Islands of Adventure, since they are already spending their budget on King Kong Ride

  16. EricJ

    I remember when Nintendo was cool. 🙁 Problem is, so does Universal.
    (But hey, they made Simpsons look fresh, so you never know.)

  17. Eric

    I am been thinking about Nintendo park at Orlando, yes I know there are rumors that already spread that Nintendo attractions will may be turned as a themed land for either Universal Studios Florida (if it will replace it he half of KidZone) or Islands of Adventure (if it will replace Toon Lagoon and/or Marvel Island), but if they going to build it as an entire theme park based on Nintendo, I’m thinking that they can close down two hotels located next door to Universal Studios Florida theme park like Hard Rock Hotel and Portofino Bay Hotel so that way the Nintendo theme park will be bigger with lands with lots of attractions as it will replace them and it will make as Universal Orlando’s third theme park and also the first Universal park to be entire based on properties that are not owned by Universal Studios (a NBCUniversal/Comcast company). If not, well then they will be better off doing a theme land instead. What would you think?

    1. Josh

      They will never get rid of those two hotels for a theme park. They are trying to get more people to stay on property that’s why they a brand new resort and another is coming next year

      1. Eric

        Okay then how about the Lost Continent over IOA? They do need to replaced that don’t you think?

        1. Eric

          And Yes I know what you’re about to ask: “what about Mythos?” Well they will just probably move to CityWalk if that restaurant still popular today.

  18. Eric

    I got it! How about if they can close down the half of the Islands of Adventure theme park (with the exceptions of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade, Jurassic Park and the upcoming King Kong sections) so they can build a giant Nintendo-themed land by replacing the park along with four other sections (like Seuss Landing, Lost Continent, Toon Lagoon and Marvel) in no time. That way, it will make Universal Studios Florida theme park very large as those sections like Nintendo, Jurassic Park, King Kong and Hogsmeade will be relocated at and be part of the park.

    And “What about Spiderman ride” you asked? Well, don’t worry. Because someday if that happens when the Marvel island being closed down, I hope that Universal will possibly sell the attraction rights to the Spiderman ride to Disney so they can reboot it into their own version, but staying true to the Universal’s counterpart, for their parks. Sounds good idea?

    1. Robby

      See, though, the only lands I can’t see being sacrificed in that idea are Seuss and Toon Lagoon. The nostalgia and fan base for the two lands is too great. Lost Continent could be removed, but honestly its Poseidon show prevents that. The only land they can (and should) remove is Marvel. While Disney would get the upper hand (Though the upper hand is well-deserved, considering the success of the MCU.) Universal would get rides based on the richest video game company in the world.

      Of course, we don’t know which park/country it’s going into…

  19. JDB

    To the people saying get rid of the Marvel section at IOA, I ask, WHY? Would much rather get rid of Toon Lagoon or Lost Continent first, if possible. How are they gonna replace one of their most popular rides in the Hulk coaster? Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally with the Nintendo idea, but let’s not destroy a bunch of popular attractions just for ONE section in a park.

    1. JDB

      *cough, “JAWS”, cough*

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