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    Who is Martin freeman playing as he hasn’t got a name

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      His role hasn’t been announced yet.

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    Ever Spiderman and Ross (maybe turn into Red Hulk) also appear!

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    Hm . . . that’s quite a bit. Considering how such a large cast stretched everything so thin in the Avengers 2, I’ll admit I’m a little worried. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, but this is going to be a difficult barrier to overcome.

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    Chris Chiesa

    Who did Paul Bettany play in Iron Man 3? I didn’t think The Vision existed until Age of Ultron, certainly. Dual role?

    ALso, from articles I’ve read lately, there seems to be a tremendous amount of off-screen backstory tying these movies together, and I don’t like that. The last time I was fairly well versed in Marvel Comics, it was 1976,and it’s clear there have been a whole lot more complications thrown into the characters, their lives, their relationships, their foes, etc., etc., etc., in the last 40 years, none of which is really set forth in the movies. That alone is a big enough mouthful to swallow, and to then ask the out-of-touch viewer to hold together in his mind the entire cycle of all these movies — let alone over the huge span of time it’s going to take to make them all — is just about too much. This project may be just a tad bit overambitious, and may lose the franchise a significant chunk of potential audience. remember, folks, you heard it here first. If I’m right, this would be about the tenth thing I’ve predicted accurately, fifteen years in advance, over the last thirty years.

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      He played JARVIS.

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