A James Cameron’s Avatar global exhibition, showcasing the wonders of Pandora, will go on tour Fall 2016

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While we wait for Avatar Land to be brought to reality at Animal Kingdom in 2017 you will now be able to experience the wonders of Avatar in another way. Combining amazing creatures and environments from the world of Pandora Global Experience Specialists, Inc. and  Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products is bringing us a global touring exhibition based on James Cameron’s AVATAR.  The tour will kick off Fall 2016 and the creators are working closely with James Cameron and Jon Landau’s Lightstorm Entertainment to make sure that they will really bring a memorable experience to the Avatar fans. The exhibition will showcase both the mysterious land of Pandora but also compare it to our own planet in a great mix of immersive storytelling and science.

“We have been longtime fans of James Cameron’s visionary work and this is a unique opportunity to showcase AVATAR to fans around the world,” said Eddie Newquist, chief creative officer and executive vice president of GES.  “We are thrilled to be able to provide visitors the opportunity to learn more about the wonders of Pandora through this exhibition.”

The 10,000 square foot experience will allow for a dynamic 45-minute guest engagement offering a wide range of exciting explorations and captivating environments highlighting bioluminescence, connectivity among Pandora’s living things as well as its incredible and diverse flora and fauna. By showcasing the science and wonder of Pandora, the exhibition will allow guests to better understand the beauty – and fragility – of our own planet Earth.
Highlights of the 10,000-square-foot exhibition include:
·         An examination of the Alpha Centauri system, home to the fictional planet Polyphemus and its moon Pandora, that offers visitors a multimedia journey into the world’s discovery and the challenges of space travel to reach it from Earth.
·         A Bioluminescent Theater, where visitors experience a recreation of Pandora at night and learn about its beauty, danger and the connections among the many organisms that inhabit the moon.
·         An Amplified Mobility Platform suit for guests to step inside to experience the challenge of surviving on Pandora as a human.
·         Na’vi culture depicted through careful reproductions to provide an in-depth look at these humanoid inhabitants and how their clans have created unique ways of connecting with nature.

·         More than a dozen hands-on interactive components that will appeal to everyone from the most avid fan to newcomers to this compelling world.

in Avatar, Disney, Events, Movies

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