Avatar Land update reveals glowing plants, new Pandora artwork from Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World has released an update on the ongoing Avatar Land project, currently under construction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

With new artwork and a short video, bioluminescent plants are revealed, interacting with footsteps and glowing in darkened surroundings, sure to bring striking visuals at night.

Disney is working on creating floating mountains over the park. Imagineer Joe Rohde is seen in the above video along with director Jim Cameron and producer Jon Landau in the Imagineering office in Glendale, California.

Careful eyes will spot a building layout of some sort in the background of one of the video shots as well, though the wording above it is blurred:

The World of Pandora is scheduled to open at Walt Disney World in 2017.


  1. Chris

    Wow! This land is going to be so beautiful! I kind of disliked the Avatar film, however, this is going to be an amazing addition to Animal Kingdom! I can’t wait to experience it!

  2. Jeany Sanchez

    Awesome! I can’t wait to experience it also! Awesome Work Disney! I love it!

  3. Freeman

    Whoa! that looks cool! But I still wish that Avatar land should be at Universal than Disney.

  4. tony

    This is the perfect combination. it makes more sence for disney animal kingdom to have a themed avatar land then universal since pandora is a heavly themed jungle. I worked at universal, it does not have the room for this type of project. Disney dominates the night time scene. so they will make Pandora look fantastic at night. Perfect match

  5. Monty

    Sort of just had an eureka moment. I think the blurred out photos are of either a shop or a restaurant (maybe meet and greet).

    The blurred out photos certainly spurs my attention, but it’s the blue prints below that fascinate me… the designs show a large open room, and the one on the viewer’s left shows two large paths in and/out of the large room. These design elements hint to something with open access like a shop or restaurant. And the uniquely curved wall in the blue prints hint that it is an exterior.

    Anyways… watched the video about 20 times over this last week or so and that just hit me.

  6. John

    I just have two thoughts:

    1) Avatar was only a blockbuster because people were like “Blue people, let’s see it!”. I don’t mean to be mean, I love Disney, but just sayin.

    2) Disney is spending loads of money for a renovation in Animal Kindom for a new land that is (soupossed) to have a boat ride. All the money if for 1 walk. Spend it on giving your workers a pay raise. They bring the magic to life! They deserve it!!!

    1. Mike & Sally

      mmmmm Bet you are an unhappy cast member. Wish I could find a job at WDW to fill my retired hours when we move to FLA next year. I’ll take what ever they pay. OH YES the cast members DO make the magic.

  7. Tony

    For all you disney and avatar hayters. let it go,let it go. lol. Avatar and disney is a match made in heaven. Disney hayters sound like a jealous girl complaining that she should have gotten the guy and the other girl dosent deserve him. lol it makes me laugh everytime. Wait tell Disney realy starts building a hole bunch of rides for marvel. Here come the Hayters.lol

  8. tony

    Instead of complaining about why does disney get it and universal doesnt or how you dont like avatar. Focus your complaining towards Universal on why havent they come up with a spectacular night time show. What Universal haves as a night time show is a joke. and why doesnt Islands of adventure have a show. thats were the Complaining should be focused on.

  9. tony

    You think disney cast members are under paied. Universal Team members have it bad too.

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