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  1. Sven L.

    When I visited the parks last August I did essentially the same thing. Started off with the Hulk Coaster, which was 5 minutes waiting for the front row, then next to none for Fearfall and Spiderman. After that I did Rip Saw which was basically walking through the long line to the ride entrance and Jurassic Park which also had next to none waiting time. After a quick look at Hogsmeade I went to Seuss land and rote the trolley car with a 5 minute wait. After that it was around 12pm, so I grabbed dinner at Circus Mcgurkus.

    At around 12.30pm I waited approximately 15 minutes for Cat in the Hat and then went to Poseidon, which unfortunately broke down during the pre-show.

    All in all I was able to cross off almost every ride in IoA without HP in about 5 hours and even had time to take the Hogwarts Express to US and ride many rides there.

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