Comments for Tour Guide Tuesday – Break Up FastPass Times to Get Better Choices for Walt Disney World Attractions


  1. Sara

    I think this will help a lot of frustrated guests coming to Disney for one big vacation and spending a ton of money – they deserve to get to ride the rides! I’m a passholder and I always feel bad when I see a family unable to score passes for Seven Dwarfs or the most popular ones. Could be their only chance to ride. I already saw a lot of thankful comments on the FB post. Great article!

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      Thanks Sara!

  2. Michelle

    Wow, it took me how long to learn this? Thanks for the help, but I still don’t like FastPass.

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      I hear ya Michelle…..it can be a complicated system!

  3. Alex

    Holy cow Great tip! It makes perfect sense.

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      My pleasure, Alex!

  4. Kyle Linder

    I can say this works! This past March did it for Mine Train.

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      Glad that you have used this method and it’s worked for you Kyle!

  5. Erik

    Question: when you split a party of 4 with this technique and it doesn’t work – for example, the first 2 people get a 4:05pm reservation and the only thing available for the second 2 is 6:05 – how do you cancel everything out so that you can try to make a FP+ for all 4 people at the same time on a different ride? I used this trick last week and it seemed like once the party was split I could not put them back together with the iPhone app.

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      Erik……you should be able to use the “cancel” function and start from scratch.

  6. frostysnowman

    I wish I had been able to figure this out, or had at least seen this article, when we were at the parks last week! Thanks for the great tips.

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      My pleasure! I hope these tips help for your next trip!

  7. Jessica

    Thanks for the great tip. Can you tell me how it works with the requirement to book FP for 3 attractions? Does it mean that we would have to have the party split like this for all 3 attractions we book or is there a way to book together as 1 party for 2 attractions and then to split the party just for the attraction we’re having difficulty getting?

  8. DD


    Thank you so much for your advice. My 5 year old is now going to see Frozen at Epcot for sure!!!

    We couldn’t get Fastpass for 6, but got it for 3. This takes care of my daughters seeing (who were the only ones who cared).

    We couldn’t believe that ALL 5 days were already taken except for this one time slight for 3 people.

    You are Awesome!

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