Step into the wild with new Alaska Port Adventures for Disney Cruise Line 2015

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For 2015 Disney Cruise Line’ will venture back to Alaska and this year they have some new exciting port adventures to offer guests. These new excursions offer something for everyone in the family to enjoy, from exhilarating alpine forest adventures to hands-on experiences showcasing Alaska’s rich heritage. Whether you want to experience traditional Alaskan cuisine or exciting thrills these new Disney Cruise Line Port Adventures have something for you.

Family Gold Exploration: Families can explore the Treadwell Mining District on the Family Gold Exploration and pan for gold and garnets at the Alaska Gastineau Gold Mine. They’ll also journey into the abandoned mine at the Maggie Kathleen Tunnel – a first for Disney Cruise Line – with a hard-rock miner, to see the equipment used for extracting ore.

Mendenhall Glacier and Mine Ruin Exploration: For this exciting Port Adventure, families take in the astonishing sights of the Mendenhall Valley complete with snow-capped mountains and lush green forests. Then they’re off to explore the mine ruins and trails at Douglas Island’s Treadwell Mining District.

Klondike Campfire Breakfast: Delicious Alaskan fare takes center stage in this Port Adventure exclusively for Disney Cruise Line. Guests begin their day at the Liarsville Gold Rush Trail Camp with a hearty breakfast of steak, eggs and sourdough blueberry pancakes. After being treated to the music and poetry of renowned Yukon poet Robert Service, they pan for gold, with everyone guaranteed to find the precious metal in every pan.

Klondike Family Challenge: For the first time, families get a taste of some friendly competition during Skagway Port Adventure, where each activity is paired with a fun challenge. At the Klondike Gold Fields, families pan for gold, interact with dogs and puppies training for sled dog races and feel the thrill of 40 degrees below zero. Guests tour the Klondike Gold Fields brewery, sample fresh brews and design their own root beer labels. At the end of the day, families leave their mark by etching their names onto a wooden plank to be hung on the wall at the site’s gold panning shed.

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