Comments for Matterhorn, Peter Pan’s Flight to receive new special effects for Disneyland 60th anniversary


  1. Paul

    Now can we just get the Big Thunder Mountain effects upgrades in Orlando?????

  2. Jay

    So what you are saying is the yeti won’t move and be very dimly lit?

    1. Hunter

      Why are you talking trash man?

  3. This article isn’t correct. The Disneyland announcement said nothing about an updated Peter Pan queue. It said the nursery scene would be reimagined, and that there would be extra effects added to other parts of the ride, as well.

    1. Stephanie Lopez

      The blog post states it will have effects similar to the WDW Peter Pan’s Queue, never does it state that Peter Pans Flight will have an interactive queue and even if he did the those effects are still interacting with the guest to basically it is an interactive queue. Basically what happened to the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland Resort will happen to the Matterhorn and especially to Peter Pan’s Flight ride.

      1. Apocalypse Pooh

        Stephanie is correct, this article is not. There is no room for an interactive queue at Disneyland’s Peter Pan’s flight. The ride is receiving new f/x, not the queue.

  4. Ben

    So Walt’s park just gets a spiffy new yeti while us plebs on the east coast are forced to *continue* to suffer a dismal, limited-motion yeti? I see how it is.

  5. Kevin

    Hope all of their last second upgrades will be done by May.
    I have faith.
    Just worried for my trip in June.

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