Vault of Souls revealed as personalized Halloween experience, bringing boutique haunt to Tampa for full evenings of terror

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In October 2015, The Vault of Souls will open in downtown Tampa, Florida for adult guests craving a more complete Halloween experience.

Far removed from quick haunted house walkthroughs, The Vault of Souls aims to consume an entire evening with eerie entertainment. With ticket prices starting at $100, there’s no doubt this will be a “boutique” experience, aimed at a niche audience looking for more than startle scares.

Guests 18 and up will find themselves in the Exchange National Bank in a paranormal story that begins in a bar, where they will mingle in the original marble lobby of the bank. Naturally, those 21 and up will be able to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks within.

From there, small groups will descend into the subterranean vault, masked and instructed not to speak, where they will wander freely through catacombs filled with interactive scenes, encountering characters throughout. It will be a non-linear, personalized experience in which guests will find hidden messages, subplots, and perhaps even their own name weaved into the story.

Though we previously reported The Vault of Souls would be an Escape Room, Swenson assures us it is much more than that type of an experience. The experience can actually be likened more to a haunted version of New York’s popular immersive theater performance Sleep No More.

After much time spent discovering the horrors that lie within, guests will find themselves in a second bar, a ’20s speakeasy style establishment where they can have a post-show drink, get a reading from local psychics, and discuss what they’ve just experienced.

“This is the most immersive and personalized haunt experience I have ever developed.” says Scott Swenson, Creative Director. “We were able to take historic elements of the raucous roaring 20s and envelop them in wicked paranormal fiction to create a story that just might be true. I must admit that I’m no longer sure which elements actually happened and which were created for the event. It just all seems so real.”

Today’s best technologies along with actors and other performers will create a convincing paranormal universe.

Much more information will be revealed in June when tickets go on sale at

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