Comments for Toy Story Mania, Soarin’ to expand at Walt Disney World with new screens, tracks, and experiences


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    Thank God. I used to love Soarin’ so much but the quality of the film and screens just became unbearable! This is great news!

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    samuel blank

    Hope they do a complete update like they are doing at DCA

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    Sven L.

    Why do people like Soarin so much? I watched it once and got motion sickness from it. Also why would you want to ride it more than once?

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      Then why do you ride any ride more than once?

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      scott scherer

      your not very nice. i love that ride i could ride it for hours

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    This is great news!!! My 5-year-old son’s favorite ride is Soarin’. He loves looking at all the scenery, and loves the fireworks at the end being right in his face. I can’t wait to see it after the update!

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    Hector G

    Will the attractions be closed in the meantime?
    I hope not sicne we are goning in a few months.

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    I am glad that the two rides you run to everyday is now having better viewing and less wait time

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    Thank Goodness! These rides need more space and these rides both have unused single rider lines. I hope they return.

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    Any chance the glider will land in FL instead of CA?

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