Comments for Tour Guide Tuesday: Maximize the fun in the front row on the big rides at Walt Disney World


  1. Cindy

    Two more reasons not to ride front row on BTMRR: front row descent is the slowest after a climb and it has the worst accident history. As in tragic accident. Sit anywhere except on that front car.

  2. Katherine

    I always want to sit in the back row on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but with the way they assign rows, I feel like it’s harder to make a special request. Would you agree? Or will cast members let you wait? The only time I’ve tried it was when my dad and I were last and would have been in the front row, and they let us wait for the next train.

  3. Gadget

    I managed to get the front row on BTMRR by sheer luck. It was awesome

  4. Greg

    Riding front row on either BTMRR or Seven Dwarfs assures that you will have the slowest ride possible on those two attractions due to the simple physics of the ride. I have never had any trouble riding in either the front or back of any train, as long as I ask a CM very politely.

  5. TOM

    NO no no! Always go for the back row! Big Thunder Mountain and Everest especially are a way better ride in the back row. Feels way faster and you get whipped around a lot more.

  6. Tim

    I always ask for the back seat on Big Thunder. It whips you around much faster , the front is pretty slow.

  7. Jenn

    I just got back from Disney today and I rode in the front car, by myself on BTMRR and I thought it was the best experience I’ve had on there. I can totally see in hindsight that maybe a few parts of it seemed slow but being in the front car alone had me giggling, I had a lot of fun. When I go next summer, I’ll have to see if I can sit in the back and compare the two!

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      I’m glad you had fun Jenn!

  8. Paola

    i rode expedition everest twice, once at the very front row and the other at the back. and when you are inside the cave and the monster tries to grab you, i totally missed that the first time. didn’t see it at all when i was on the first row

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