Comments for Tour Guide Tuesday: How to best enjoy a Potter-free day at Universal Studios Florida


  1. hale-bopp

    The Men in Black single rider line is the way to go…almost always walk on. Same with the Mummy…look for the single rider line to the right just after you enter the building.

    Rockit has a single rider line but I have seen it get long at times to the point where you may not save much, if any time. Gringotts has a single rider line as well…I have not been on that ride as much (yet) but have found it generally a time saver.

    1. Dave - WDW Guided Tours

      You are right about the single rider line, but you won’t need to use them if you go early in the day. Also, be very careful of the Gringotts single rider line, as I’ve seen that one take longer than the normal line!

  2. nice park

  3. James

    You can’t escape.

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