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  1. Andrewski

    I second everything you said! A true gem in a world of movie misfires. I am now excited for the other live action retellings of animated movies!

  2. Kitty

    Thanks for a fantastic review. Just saw Cinderella and was very pleasantly surprised.

    I was extremely apprehensive about them doing the “plain old Cinderella story… but Live Action” plan but it worked in the most beautiful way and I’m very happy that we didnt get another mangled up “Snow White and the Huntsman” or “Melificent”. Everything worked from casting to storytelling to making “Love at First Sight” actually FEEL like Love at First Sight so I really was swept off my feet.

    As for Frozen Fever… oh brother. To be honest, I was excited for this short because I’m so sick of seeing Anna and Elsa everywhere in those same 6 stock photos so they were FINALLY going to get new dresses. But the short itself makes me extremely worried about Frozen 2.

    My problem? The writing was lazy in the worst ways. Theres a difference between “giving a nod to the original” and “twisting someones neck into a pretzel with every reference possible”. Look, there’s Anna drooling. Listen, there’s Kristoffs Sven Voice. Hey, Wandering Oaken! And the clock tower. And the little boat. And a bicycle. And a couch jump. And a sandwich. And Olaf rehashing lines. And… holy smokes if you’re going to give 8 minutes of references to the film then why make a short at all?!?!?

    [Final note: Considering they referenced every single thing in the movie then its telling that they didn’t mention the trolls. Considering that they’re already (un)notably missing from merchandising and Theme Parks and just about everything Frozen then you have to wonder (and hope) that the writers realized how out of place they. Maybe they wont make it into the sequel.] 😀

    1. Susan Shinkai

      Just a note on our Frozen Fever comments – I assumed the call backs, particularly those from the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” sequence in the original film, was the filmmaker way of expressing Ella’s desire to make up for all those birthdays Anna spent alone, that is to re-;I’ve those moments together. And sorry, Oaken’s sauna and home remedy is a natural tie in when someone has a cold. It’s not lazy writing to find a way to incorporate favorite bits into a new circumstance.

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