Comments for Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” to be released March 2017, starring cast announced


  1. Leslie Ramey

    I can’t wait to see this. Looks like they did a great job of casting!

  2. Sydney Skogebo

    Great cast, hoping for good acting in this movie!

  3. Daniel

    Bill Condon to direct? eh :/ ….

  4. Jonathan Y.

    Seems like it’s the first live action adaptation of a Disney animated film to carry over the music (Cinderella did not but both Lily James and Helena Carter recorded covers of Cinderella’s iconic songs that play over the end credits).

    Yeah, not so sure about having a director associated with the Twilight franchises (Bill Condon directed Breaking Dawn 1 and 2), Rob Marshall would have been a better choice. But glad to see that live action musicals are making a comeback.

    1. EricJ

      Specifically, it’s the movie of the Broadway musical, which was a bit stalled after Maleficent, but as noted, got re-greenlit within -seconds- of Cinderella’s good reviews, with a little help from Into the Woods.

  5. Kitty

    I guess I’ll be the only person on the planet to not want Emma Watson as Belle.

    Before anyone gets upset then no offense is intended here. I like Emma Watson but with all the other princesses ranging from 14-18yrs old then this is Disney’s only real chance at making a more “mature” Princess so I really wish we’d cast someone closer to 30. (Yes, Ms Watson is 25 but she looks 16.)

    Anyway, the reason I buy into the idea that Belle is an “Old Maid” is the following:

    1) Prince was 31 so Belle should be near age range
    – Prince cursed at 21
    -“Be Our Guest” lyrics say they’ve been rusting for 10yrs
    – Prince un-cursed at 31

    2) Belle’s Dad was Old
    If Belle was 17 then her dad would be around 40. But Crazy Old Maurice don’t look 40. 50+ makes more sense.

    3) Gaston
    Gaston was a bit of a stud and seemed older. So the idea of a 30+yr old hunting for a 17yr old is creepy.

    4) Celine Dion
    Lets be honest. Teens think Celine Dion is “moms music” so what teen is going to fight the idea that Belle is probably closer to their moms age also.

    5) Princesses were all Teens
    With every other princess being 14-18 then many people just liked the idea of Belle, the girl who chooses love over looks, is NOT just another silly teen-crush teen.

    I just saw Cinderella and loved it so I have full confidence in Disney (despite the director choice) so I’m not slamming this live action remake. BUT… I still feel it would be nice to not have every princess be so young.

    1. Mymi jane

      I totally agree with you 🙂 Moreover, I think Belle is the kind of a mature, intelligent woman (she reads books all the time!), who’s thinking of the nature of love, the sense of life… So I think she must be older, maybe 27-30 years old why not? 😉 I’m also surprised by the choice of his father in the actor of Kevin Kline… But I think Luke Evans and Emma Thompson are just perfects :)) (Sorry for my bad english I’m french!)

    2. Tina

      Beast wasn’t 31, he was 21. It says it will bloom until his 21st year, so he was cursed when he was 11. So the age casting is right.

  6. Carrie A

    I CAN NOT wait for this movie to come out!!! So EXCITED!!!

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