Comments for Disneyland unveils Grizzly Peak Airfield artwork, transforming Condor Flats with new look


  1. Any idea when it’s supposed to be done? We’re so sad to have to miss out on Soarin’ when we’re at Disney next week.

    1. Lauren

      Grizzly River Run will reopen on the 20th of March and Soarin will be open sometime in May

    2. Angela

      Before you go next time, check the Disneyland website….they have a calendar of events that lists park closures for each day in advance. We’ve changed the dates of our trips a few times because Pirates or Haunted Mansion were closed for refurbishments. It helps prevent disappointments ahead of time. 🙂

  2. Doug

    Thanks for posting the drawings. Sad to see Taste Pilots’ Grill go. It was once our favorite California Adventure restaurant. But then they took away the waffle fries, the jet on the front of the restaurant, and the delicious Rocket Ribs. Near the end, the cheeseburgers tasted like they were a day old. I hope the Smokejumpers Grill has good food.

  3. Scot Meyers

    Ok so we have carsland and now we have planes 2 (in a way)

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