Date Nite at Disneyland: Geeks Take Tomorrowland

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Get ready for a theme within a theme, because we are so incepting this week’s date night. It’s Date Nite at Disneyland: Geek Edition, where worlds collide as you and your special someone celebrate your allegiance to Disney and your devotion to whatever other fandom you’re a part of, all in one mind-blowing night.

Before you get started, know you’re not alone in your desire to tie your interests together in a perfectly nerdy knot of love. Potterheads, Whovians, goths, and dapper dressers all have their days in the sun at Disneyland. Think of this date night as a way to tide yourselves over until the next big event of your choosing.

Pretty, pretty neon.

Bow Ties Are Cool

As you know, a proper fan gets his or her geek on literally. Since you can’t go full cosplay in the parks, we partnered with Sarah Sterling of imSarahSnitch and Leslie Kay of Disneybound for creative “bounding” ideas that should scratch your costume itch in the Disney-approved way, whether that itch be of the superhero, ‘80s movie classics, or planetary variety.

For something simple, bound as a character who’d feel at-home in Tomorrowland.

If you want to take your geeky date-night fashion to the next level, try dressing as an attraction or even as Tomorrowland itself.

And of course, since it’s date night, coordinating with your one-and-only is always a stellar choice.

Star Date 

Now that you’re properly attired, jet over to Tomorrowland, the hub of your Disney Geek date night. Go ahead and fly straight past Astro Orbiter, because why stay put in SoCal when you can journey to a galaxy far, far away? These days, the line for Star Tours is out of control, so play the following game while waiting to board your Star Speeder. Start by naming a prolific actor, then take turns providing the title of a film that person is in. If you get stuck, name another actor from the last film mentioned and branch off from there with a new set of titles. The winner is the last person to name either a film title or a related actor. Repeat as needed, depending on line length. You’ll be bound for Endor in no time.

C-3PO, coming in for a date-night hug.

Welcome to the Game Grid

There are as many different kinds of nerddom as there are planets to explore, and we are not forgetting about the gamers on this date night. We’re here for you in the absence of the recently-departed Starcade (*sniff). Get your fix defeating the Evil Emperor Zurg at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and if the loss of gaming opportunities is just too much for you, head into The Star Trader and let the essence of the Starcade comfort and wash over you. Or just indulge in some retail therapy. We are liking the newish Darth Vader-visits-Disneyland tees.

Anybody know what’s on the second floor of this place? Where does that mysterious, non-functioning escalator rise to?


It’s a well-known fact that traveling through space and mourning the loss of free Wreck-it Ralph makes daters super hungry. You lovers need a slice of pie at Pizza Port (bonus, PP also serves Coke Zero – as in zero-gravity). Take your Lunar Cheese outside to the back porch to eat. If you kind of squint and concentrate really hard, this patio, with its painted cement planters and many terraces, feels like the shaded corners of Walt Disney World’s glorious Epcot. And at night it’s quiet.

The entire internet does not have a nighttime view out the back of Pizza Port, so you’re just going to have to go and see it for yourselves.

A Star Shines on the Hour of Our Meeting

Now it’s time to meet and greet. Your arrival in Tomorrowland has caused a stir, and we heard there are a couple of VIPs with vacation homes in Innoventions who want to say hi to you and your honey. Yes, Thor and Captain America. If you’re thinking ahead, you could even bound as characters from their universe so your photos are a geeksplosion of mashup coolness. If you’re not into supers, check out the ASIMO robot demo or interact with the Project Tomorrow video builder, another nod to Epcot. But light speed ahead on these attractions, as they’re jumping to coordinates unknown in the very near future.

I bow to your date-night skills. You must teach me about romance, for I lack chemistry with my love interest.

I Love You. I Know.

For an epic end to your date night, take the monorail out of the park. If you’re lucky, you can nab a cab all to yourselves and pretend the sleek, silent zoom of travel is like this or this. Relax in the low lighting as you glide toward your future together.

Autopilot is hot, even if it’s just pretend. 

Photo Credits: Space Mountain by Kevin Crone, Innoventions and Monorail by Matthew Hansen, both of


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