Date Nite at Disneyland: Adventureland illuminates the evening aboard after-dark rides

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Adventureland sign

As may be obvious, we don’t always visit Disneyland for the rides, but Adventureland is an exception, especially on date nights. This date night is all about attraction(s).

A World of Wondrous Miracles

Danger and intrigue wait around every corner. Shafts of dappled moonlight bathe exotic plants. Flame shadows dance across faces. The air drips with jungle beats and the sweet sting of pineapple. Aloha!

Where else but in this mysterious milieu could you find Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, a microcosm of the perfect date night? The classic attraction has its own tasty treats, a romantic lanai on which to enjoy them, water and fire features, dreamy music, and enough quirk to stir conversation for the rest of the night. For these reasons and so many more, start your Adventureland date night where the birds sing words.

Since most people escape to the tiki room for shade during the day, nighttime’s magic is all about privacy. The cool lighting helps too.

While you’re waiting for the show, enjoy a Dole whip or a Dole whip float (if you spill a little rum into it from your hip flask, we won’t tell). Then slide into a seat against the outside walls of the tiki room – those are the ones with backs. When the lights dim, it’s okay to get goofy with your date. Whistle and sing as instructed.

The bird mobile will change you if you let it.

You’ll Be In My Heart

Head from the Tiki Room past the Jungle Cruise (you’ll be back at the night’s end) and over to Tarzan’s Tree House. This is the perfect place for a game of chase. It’s got plenty of private corners for when you catch up to your partner, and the fact that your game takes you up into the treetops makes it all the more inspiring. The view (and all the stairs) will leave you breathless. So get up there and climb like the love monkeys you are!

For mega bonus points, bust out your sketchbook when you reach the appropriate room in the tree house and draw your date like Jane draws Tarzan.

Moon River

Just before park close, scoot in line for the Jungle Cruise. If you can time it right, you’ll have the boat to yourselves for a lover’s cruise. Some skippers will make jokes specific to your date night status, but even if you’ve got one that’s not so savvy, it’ll be fun to rock and sway down the Nile together. Don’t believe me? Then you’re in denial.

After your return to civilzation, take your sweet time leaving the park.


Photo Credits: Adventureland, Tarzan’s Tree House, and Jungle Cruise by Michaela Hansen; Tiki Room by Matthew Hansen, both of

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