Comments for ParkSpotting at Epcot: A few finds on a trip around the World Showcase – with a bit of Frozen


  1. Jason

    I just got back from WDW. Can I say that Epcot has lost alot of its former magic. I miss Mo Rockin and Off Kilter. I miss the Ziti sisters and the Maelstrom. I don’t really know who is stearing the ship in terms of WDW’s creative concepts but I think they are really doing a poor job. I watched the Lumberjack show and it was cool and different so I do have to award points for that but for so much to go missing without alot being given back in its place makes the overall experience not so great. I saw the Italian flag show as well and although it could be appreciated by an adult it has no replay value. My overall feeling when I walked the world show case was that of sadness as so many old friends(rides/entertainment) are gone now.

  2. Dave

    Nice article Ricky. I had no idea you were doing these again.

  3. Dave

    Nice article Ricky. I had no idea your new team was doing these again.

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