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    Oh, energy was high alright. I would say the energy at this years Mardi Gra Celebration at Universal Orlando was about as high as the event coordinators obviously were when they designed the park exit strategy for the unfortunate souls trying to make their way out of the theme park whilst that beastly Kelly Clarkson screamed “OORRRLLAANNNDDOOOOOOO” up on stage.

    I have had more delightful nightmares.

    There are no words in the English speaking language to properly convey what a complete and utter shit show this ‘celebration’ was when I attended it this previous weekend. I watched families with small children (who obviously had no idea what they were in for when they bought tickets)struggle against crowds of people just trying to get out of the park. There was NO EXIT LANE. NONE. If you saw an opening to get to a clear walk way expect lots of obscenities to be exchanged between you and whoever you say ‘excuse me’ to.

    Energy was high and I guess youd have to be high too if you really wanted to have a good time.

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    A Face In The Crowd

    I both agree and disagree with the issues from Saturday. It was beyond packed and poorly executed (if not poorly planned) when it came to crowd “control” around concert time. This made Main Street at Christmas/New Years look like a ghost town in comparison – thankfully no one was hurt (it was that crowded/bad). In Universal’s defense – warning ‘cards’ were handed out when guests entered the toll plaza to park (but a warning is no excuse for the very poorly handled traffic of the massive crowd).

    To say that it was not fun is unfair, the exit strategy aside, it was a fun event. The parade was entertaining and the food pretty good (the beignets were flat and flavorless – more akin to a zeppella – having had the real McCoy at Cafe DuMond – this was a poor representation). . .

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