Comments for Luigi’s Flying Tires at Disney’s California Adventure drives off into sunset to become all new ride in early 2016


  1. The Winepiper

    Looks like it may be another version of Mater’s Junk Yard Jamboree…

  2. Diane Wilshere

    Thanks for reposting that video. I forgot that you got both my son and myself on that. I was in the Haunted Mansion 35th shirt, my son in the Fluttershy shirt. Great memories.

  3. frostysnowman

    That’s probably a good idea. We rode this during our trip last April and it was very hard to get the tires to work correctly.

  4. Josiah

    Beautifully themed, but a terrible ride. I foresaw this as soon as they said it would use the same technology as the old flying saucers.

    1. Brian

      Its unfortunate, but its a smart decision, the current ride has a very low hourly capacity, and its hard to control the tires if you’re not used to it

  5. Ryan R

    I just went on this ride for the first time just a few weeks ago. I didn’t believe they were actually gonna get rid of it. I’ll be honest, when I went on it, it was kinda hard to direct where you wanted the tires to go, but it was still a cool concept.

  6. Richard S

    It was better when they had the oversized beach balls. We bypass this now for other rides. Looking forward to the new ride.

  7. Carson U

    It looks exactly like it will be like the ride at Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris…

  8. th3m3 p4rk

    It looks like the Cars ride in Walt Disney Studios in Disneyland Paris. It’s kind of like the teacups and kind of like Maters.

  9. Adam

    Such a shame! That’s one of my favourite rides. We had such a good time on the tires every visit to California Adventure.

    We found the trick was to just point in the direction you wanted to go, and we would fly around smashing into everything!

    So glad we got to ride them a lot last November.

  10. ScottDisney

    This design look exactly like the ride at Paris Disney Studios!!
    I hope not, that ride is for 5yrs and under.
    That would a real downgrade but this concept art look exactly like it!!!

  11. KC

    I was thinking bumper car type ride.

  12. Derek

    Prediction: It looks like a rethemed Aquatopia from Tokyo, without the water.

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