Comments for Date Nites at Disneyland: Enjoying time in New Orleans Square’s quiet quaint corners


  1. Grace

    My boyfriend and I are spending Valentine’s Day in the square, so I love this post! I almost shed a tear for Court of Angels. It was all those things you described for my family. Maybe one day they’ll I’ll be lucky enough to see it again.

    1. I love that New Orleans Square is just jammed with a bunch of little things that you can do if you make the effort. Usually I just walk past the artist portraits or don’t sit and listen to the jazz at the French Market. Slowing down and staying in one spot makes it clear that there’s more romantic options in the Square than just a meal at the Blue Bayou. Have a fun Valentine’s Day!

  2. Nick L.

    I really like this article and the theme of it. I hope that the “Date Night” posts become a regular occurrence because when my girlfriend and I go without the kids, we just hang out in Downtown Disney, which is cool but we could be doing so much more. Thank you for the tips.

    1. Sure thing! Tune in this week for a Valentine’s Day special.

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