Comments for Paint the Night parade, Disneyland Forever fireworks, new World of Color announced for Disneyland 60th anniversary celebration


  1. I celebrated the Golden Anniversary and it was top of the line exciting and all around magical celebration. Can’t wait to participate in the Diamond one.

    1. Chaz

      Indeed, the 50th anniversary was magical.

      I’m just getting chills reading Davison’s statement that “this is just the beginning.” This is so spectacular.

    2. Michele

      Agreed the 50th was so fabulous we got annual passes and went once a month coming from northern CA. Cant wait to see if the 60th leaves me as awestruck.

  2. EricJ

    They can’t really do projection shows on Sleeping Beauty’s castle, can they? Lighting up Main Street is a nice twist.

    1. Carol

      They do something similiar on the castle at WDW.

    2. Destiny

      They do projection mapping on the castle in both WDW and Tokyo Disneyland! I see no reason why they can’t at Disneyland.

      1. Evan

        It’s just too small. It can’t have the same effect. Too few people could actually see it. The smarter strategy is what they are implementing. Projection mapping all over the place.

    3. Claire

      They also use it in a Disneyland Paris and that’s not a huge castle

  3. This all sounds fantastic. I hope they keep this all going theough November and don’t scrap it all in favour of the early Christmas stuff.

    1. Dallas

      It’s been confirmed that it will be a long celebration and that even when the Holidays hit, it will still be focused on the Diamond Celebration.

  4. Gadget

    Hopefully this Diamond Castle isn’t as horrendous as the infamous Cake Castle from WDW’s 25th

  5. bobby N.

    disney should go all out like the 50th. and a dream machine with prizes all day long for the guest,the 40th. had trading cards, buttons , T-SHIRTS

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