New “Frozen” stage show debuts at Disneyland featuring Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff delivering laughs for all ages

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Frozen Fun has officially arrived at the Disneyland Resort.

After first debuting the Disney California Adventure portions, including meet-and-greets with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, a sing-along stage show brought over from Walt Disney World, Olaf’s Snow Fest play area, and Freeze the Night dance party, Disneyland now has opened the newest and arguably best “Frozen” attraction to date.

Two widely praised Fantasy Faire style stage shows first debuted at Disneyland in March 2013, retelling the stories of “Tangled” and “Beauty and the Beast” with vaudeville style singing, dancing, and humor. Now “Frozen” has replaced both of those shows in a new act of the same style, offering kids a chance to get up close with the now famous royal sisters while adults can enjoy some humor aimed exclusively for them.

This new “Frozen” stage show just outside Sleeping Beauty Castle features storytellers and all-around entertainers Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones retelling the film’s story in their own comedic way.

Watch the full new performance in the video below, shot and sent in by Parks and Cons.

Video: Full new Frozen stage show in Fantasy Faire at Disneyland

Joining Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones on stage in the show are Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, along with particularly unique interpretations of Sven and Olaf, one a hand puppet and the other via a masked costume of sorts. But characters and jokes in the show are not limited to just the “Frozen” world, also pulling in references to other properties (Disney and not) including “Fantasia,” “Star Wars,” and even “Les Miserables.”

Fastpasses are available and recommended to get a good view of the new Fantasy Faire show without waiting.

The absurdity and originality of this new offering balances with the sing-along featured at Disney California Adventure, which essentially runs through the “Frozen” soundtrack while playing clips of the film, ending with a grand “Let It Go” finale. Fans looking for a performance more closely resembling the movie will find it here.

Video: FULL Frozen Fun sing-along Disneyland stage show with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff

The sing-along has been a big success at Walt Disney World and will surely continue to draw large crowds at Disneyland as well, but the new Fantasy Faire show will also appeal well to the California locals looking for something more than just a rehash of the film. Likewise, California’s version of the sing-along also received more of a queue treatment than in Florida, adding some familiar Arendelle halls to the former MuppetVision 3D theater.

Video: Frozen Arendelle Castle walkthrough at Disneyland in Sing-Along Queue

It’s not clear just how long these “Frozen” shows will be welcome in Disneyland’s parks. As part of Frozen Fun, the popular Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure was replaced by a more family friendly version called Freeze the Night, featuring a DJ, dancers, ice carvers, and a large photo op with Marshmallow, Elsa’s snow monster.

Video: Freeze the Night party debut with dancers, Marshmallow in Frozen Fun event at Disneyland

Video: “Frozen” Marshmallow meet and greet character debut at Disneyland in Freeze the Night party

Freeze the Night fully incorporates “Frozen” into the dance party concept, even offering nightly performances of (yes, what else?) “Let It Go” on stage.

Video: “Let it Go” Freeze the Night Frozen Fun performance at Disneyland

But when the Mad T Party band left the stage for the last time a few weeks ago, they exclaimed they would return in May and Disneyland has said the same – that Freeze the Night would not be frozen in place forever.

Olaf’s Snow Fest, also part of Frozen Fun, has been officially announced to conclude on April 30, 2015. So far, Freeze the Night has been less than popular, not nearly drawing the big crowds that Mad T Party (or its ElecTRONica predecessor) did.

Video: Olaf’s Snow Fest play area debuts at Disneyland with sledding

While Freeze the Night and Olaf’s Snow Fest won’t make it to the summer, it’s likely that the meet-and-greets and stage shows will stick around, along with the permanent addition of Arendelle to the Storybook Canal Boats ride in Fantasyland.

Video: Frozen Arendelle additions to Storybook Canal Boats at Disneyland

With so much emphasis on this one hit animated film, is it “Frozen” overload? As a temporary addition to the parks, not likely. The abundance of “Frozen” themed entertainment definitely gives its fans the fix they need, at least until Walt Disney World opens their announced “Frozen” ride in 2016.

But while Walt Disney World largely caters to tourists who will surely demand “Frozen” entertainment for many months to come, Disneyland’s audience is largely made up of locals who may grow tired of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf – if they haven’t already.

The new Fantasy Faire show injects enough upbeat irreverent humor to keep even the biggest “Frozen” critic at bay, at least until Disneyland’s big 60th anniversary plans arrive in a few months.

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