Comments for Gwazi wooden roller coaster to permanently close at Busch Gardens Tampa on February 1

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  1. Monty

    When it opened this ride was very good (albeit quite rough). The trains on both tracks were dispatched and timed to insure that your ride had the near misses associated with a dueling coaster. The quality of the ride started to drop when trains were dispatched whenever full, which led to both tracks running but not in time with each other. Then came a closure of one track at a time to save on operating costs. Eventually, on less busy days only one train on one track would be in operation which led to long waits for a shell-of-itself attraction. The signs were there for years; this ride was dying a slow death. Feb. 1 will not be the burial either. Busch Gardens will keep the behemoth structure of tangled wooden planks in position. It will rot until the cash can be found to remove the beast(s) or until a new project needs the space.

    It was never one of my favorite attractions but it was a very good ride that deserved to be operated to its full capabilities. And if anyone wants to have this debate; the Tiger side was better.

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