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  1. Jeff Lynch

    What’s interesting to me about all of this Frozen stuff is that Disney is in a can’t win situation: if they don’t do Frozen things, then people would complain and criticize because they aren’t giving people Frozen stuff. If they do the Frozen stuff, they are criticized for doing too much Frozen stuff.

    What I think the real issue is here is that Frozen is a phenomenon that will play out until there is a next phenomenon. Will Frozen 2 be as compelling and have new characters that become a cultural hit? Doubtful.

    Disney should be gearing up a Rumpelstiltskin or Hansel & Gretal or something. Another European fairytale that could be big like Frozen. The polynesian thing they are doing next looks okay, but is not going to be a giant cultural hit like Frozen.

    1. Brice

      Here’s the thing with Disney doing Frozen stuff in parks and on the ships, first off let me say that I love Frozen.

      I live in Florida and was able to get up to Disney for the Frozen Days of Summer in Hollywood Studios and for the “Freezing” of Cinderellas Castle in MK, both were pretty cool shows visually. The problem that I have with them is there is nothing new to them at all in terms of writing. The shows come across as bad spin-off stories “You know the audience seemed to like it when the sisters said they like chocolate, why not put that in EVERY SHOW” and it’s ripped right out of the movie “What’s that smell ::SNIFF:: CHOCOLATE!” It has been in ever show that centered around Frozen I’ve seen, even the quick show before the fireworks under the Hat at Hollywood Studios.

      I would like to keep seeing more Frozen shows/attractions, it’s nice to see Disney embrace a movie the way that they have, I can remember 1 show and 1 dark right that I may or may not have dreamt up for the Lion King. So what they are doing is refreshing in a way they need to not keep rehashing the same jokes and lines over and over again.

      1. Jeff Lynch

        The problem with shows at a place like Disney is that they have to appeal to families who might come once in a lifetime or once every 5 years. So, while you might not like hearing the same jokes again and again, people who are making their first trip to the parks (or one of only two trips they will take in their child’s entire childhood) would go home disappointed if they did not hear that “chocolate” joke.

        It’s kind of like political speeches. If you ever follow a candidate and go to different events, the candidate says the same speech more or less every time. The lines that work and get a response from the crowd are highlighted and put into the next speech. And they keep using them until crowds no longer give a good response to them.

        It’s the same thing with Disney. What I think becomes a problem is when grown adults go to Disney parks frequently without children. The adults think the parks are for them. They are not. The parks are for families. Always have been. Always will be. The parks are not for middle-aged men or single super fans.

        Little kids love familiarity and repetition. Taking out the chocolate joke just because Brice heard it before would never happen…because tons of little kids who have never been to a Disney park before have never heard that joke and it’s guaranteed to get a laugh.

        1. Sue

          excellent point!

    2. christopher

      list of frozen things in the park
      frozen show check
      frozen meet and greet two so far maybe a third in the near future
      a ride
      another show
      a parade
      a dance party
      a store
      tribute to frozen in living with the the land
      frozen summer event
      frozen winter event
      and im sure there is more the thing is i like frozen also but their pulling a stitch and adding frozen to everything and well im starting to hate the movie now bc of that

      1. Jeff Williams


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