Date Nites At Disneyland: Inside The Magic’s New Tips For Taking Some Time To Simply Enjoy The Parks

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Date Nights

What’s a Disneyland to do during the slow months at the parks when many rides and attractions are closed for refurbishment? Date Night at Disneyland!

In the grand tradition of the park’s classic series of events for amorous teens, every week, we’ll be dishing out plenty of ideas for making time – just in time for weekend date nights. Because like they say, “the ‘fireworks’ are great a Disneyland!”

Date Nite at Disneyland: Fantasyland

Start your evening by returning to the scene of so many Date Nights at Disneyland: the Carnation Plaza Gardens-turned-Royal Theater. If you’re there on a Saturday, you may still be able to “dance slow and dream,” just like the cats and kitties did back in the day. Just show up at the Royal Theater at 7:30, and you can dance until 11:00. If not, don’t worry; we’ve got a plan for romance that will have you rocking the clock ‘til 1 a.m. (when they have to kick you out).

Date Nights
Frankie and Annette would be so proud of your date night!


Come On and Lift Your Glass

For the closest thing, you’re going to get to a cocktail without breaking into Club 33, stop at Maurice’s Treats. That’s right; we’re talking about the Boysen Apple Freeze, that cool concoction that proves Belle’s father wasn’t a wacky, old coot. With a shot of wild berry, a pompadour of passion fruit foam, and golden apple fizz throughout, it’ll get you in the mood for date-night magic.

Date Nights
Broad daylight optional.

Something There That Wasn’t There Before

After the sun sets and all the Disney princesses retire to their chambers for the night, stick around Fantasy Faire to see it at its moonlit (and deserted) best. While the surroundings are different now that this area is a faire instead of a garden, the “meet me at the footbridge” vibe has lingered. See for yourself!

Date Nights

When you’re ready, make your way behind the castle walls for a tour of Sleeping Beauty Castle. As a relatively recent return to Fantasyland, the castle tour has gone unnoticed by lots of visitors, making it a hidden gem (kind of literally, as the tiny sign at the tiny door of the entrance, is easy to miss). The castle is devoid of noise and crowds at night, and its narrow hallways are perfect for two to squeeze through.

Date Nights
Make it blue, make it pink.

Did He Say He Loved Ya? Did He Steal a Kiss? 

It’s no secret that Snow White wishes well has set the scene for more than one romantic rendezvous at Disneyland, but just because it’s been tried and tested doesn’t mean it isn’t true. When you exit your tour of Sleeping Beauty Castle, make a right and sneak under the castle side arches to the secluded gardens surrounding the court. There you’ll find a small pond where carved statues of Snow White and her seven friends create the backdrop for Guests in the know. Cast your sense of decency into the wishing well with your coin because this place is made for a PDA worthy of seven miniature Oscars.

Date Nights
This image by Michaela Hansen of pretty much sums it up.

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