Date Nite at Disneyland: Hollywood Land offers all-around evenings with drinks, a show, and thrills

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Hooray for Hollywood Land! A date night at DCA’s tribute to tinsel town will see you and your special someone sailing among the stars, swimming under the sea, and stealing the scene everywhere in between. And . . . action!

A New, Fantastic Point of View

Start your evening in Hollywood Land by attending a dusk performance of Aladdin at the Hyperion Theater. Hustling through the streets at twilight to catch the last show of the day will usher in the right date-night excitement. When you get through the turnstile, head for the mezzanine, because from a collapsing Cave of Wonders to the giant creature that shows us just how ssssnake-like Jafar can be, this show is all about the big picture. And you don’t want to miss out on the best seats for the highlight of the show, which sends Aladdin and Jasmine on their magic carpet ride. You’ll know it’s coming when the world’s most amazing puppet of the duo in miniature climbs to the stars upstage.

This moment in the show is like my own, personal brand of Disney heroin.

Do You Want to Drink Some Troll Juice?

The Frozen overlays in Hollywood Land are heavily family focused, and the dance party shuts down at 8:00 p.m., but that means for the first time in forever the line for cocktails will be nonexistent! We never say no to new potent potions popping up in the parks, and a date night in Hollywood Land means it’s time for a tipple! Troll Juice, anyone? Perhaps a Rum Flurry or Blue Snowberry Margarita would warm up your night.

Once the sirens start singing you-know-what, the cocktails will act as ropes tying you to the mast of your date night ship.

Story Time

The Animation building is way more than a place to let your toddlers go crazy while you sit in the dark and rest. It celebrates the creative force of the Disney legacy: art! Take your time in here for the full effect – you’ll reap the romantic benefits when you just slow down and appreciate the place. Start by watching the entire reel of highlights that plays on the screens in the main room, but do it right. The real magic is in the beautiful backgrounds and concept art that stays on the still screens all around you. If you’re not too tired, stand for this show so you can easily see all 360 degrees of the exhibit. And treat like the art exhibit it is. Discuss, call out favorites, and enjoy.

Work your date-night magic.

If the pixie dust is working, you’ll feel like you can fly after seeing 90 years of animation history, so wing down to the Sorcerer’s Workshop. This interactive area has some fun surprises that are pretty underrated and very undervisited after dark. First, it’s atmospheric! The mirror room’s curtains and lanterns are kinda sexy, the soaring light and moody darkness of the Beast’s Library are dramatic, and the violet glow and secluded caves of Ursula’s Grotto are almost seductive.

The library goes from bright and sunny to dark and moody (pictured). Keep an eye out for the falling rose petals and swirl of fireplace smoke.

Second, there’s cool stuff to do. Secretly animate you and your date as stick figures sharing a kiss in the mirror room, then slip it into the zoetrope as a surprise and give it a whirl. One guess what will happen when it stops spinning. In the library, see which Disney character you’re most like: wild Tarzan? Passionate Ariel? The Queen of Hearts? Finish up your tour of the Sorcerer’s Workshop by cozying into a private cave in the grotto, and remember the advice of the sea witch herself: don’t underestimate the importance of “body language.”

A pretty good place to go on and kiss the girl (or guy).

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