Comments for Disney Imagineers resume work on new Star Wars theme park attractions, to be a “blend” of new and old films, says Iger


  1. elva quintero

    I love all of this Star Wars talk ! Please let them make it in California!!:)

  2. Msorrentino

    How about a speeder bike ride using VR, based on the scene in Return of the Jedi where Luke chases the Scout Troopers.

  3. Greg

    Apparently they are indeed going to have a Star Wars land in CA, at the price of losing Toon Town. I hate to see Toon Town go, but if I had to pick…. yeah, It’d be Star Wars every day and twice on Sunday.

  4. Toby

    Toontown is NOT closing. There are other places that Star Wars can go in Disneyland.

    1. Greg

      I hope your right. We shall see…

    2. Apocalypse Pooh

      ToonTown, Fantasy Faire Theater, and everything behind Storybook Land stretching back to Big Thunder Ranch…all going bye-bye.

      1. David

        No they are not. You were lied to.

  5. Amber

    I’ve heard it’s not taking over any certain part of the park. They are expanding, possibly taking over surrounding buildings that aren’t being used…and relocating other office spaces… don’t quote me but I’ve heard that floating around too.

  6. Craig Svonkin

    What I don’t understand is why Disney is planning on putting Star Wars in Disneyland to begin with. They have land for a third park, and between Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen, they have plenty of popular characters and concepts to fill a third park. Disneyland is doing fine in terms of attendance. Put Star Wars in the third Anaheim park!

  7. star-w

    sounds awesome i cant wait 🙂 however it mostly end up part of the “new” hollywood studios witch i am scared about ;1

    1. Gene

      I would agree that DHS in Florida is being primed for Star Wars themed attractions. It has a lot of recently closed real estate in the vicinity of Star Tours already. I hope they also have plans for beefing up the parking there. It has, imho, the most poorly designed parking of any of the WDW parks. Massive new crowds that could rival, or exceed the Harry Potter crowds will totally overwhelm DHS’s existing parking lots and traffic patterns.

  8. Brian

    This all sounds interesting, I only hope the land literally isnt just called “Star Wars Land”

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