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    There’s no good way to do what you ask. With the record volume of visitors in this last year, you’re not going to escape a crowd or be able to just stroll through an empty land, especially in the area of the largest show in the park. You can’t make thousands of people disappear. They have to go somewhere. This article is a lot of contradictory complaints when you even say it cuts a wait time down from 5 hours to 30. If you have 5 hours to sit around and wait for Fantasmic, it means you have an annual pass. Actual tourists who get to come maybe once a year as their family vacation probably appreciate this change a ton.

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    Jeff Lynch

    I don’t understand why Disney sells those annual passes because it seems like the pass holders are the source of most of Disneyland’s problems. Maybe the passes are too cheap. Double the price and see how many pass holders there are. I bet it would cut down on most of these people and then families would have better vacations.

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    This seems like one of those things that will take some time for Disney to get worked out. World of Color was chaotic when they first started running the machines for the first few shows, but over time guests seemed to have gotten used to the routine, I’m hopeful that this will turn out well in time

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    Disney has already added additional blackout days for annual pass holders .. And raised the prices . Unless you pay almost $700 a year .. You can only go to the park on Sundays , or 1 weekend a month . I don’t think putting further restrictions on the people who are willing to spend that much at the very least at your theme park a year is the way to go . There are just a lot more people in the world .. Everything is more crowded , and Disneyland is no exception .

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      Actually, AP holders, other than spending the $700 a year, don’t spend as much as regular tourists. Believe me, I’m an AP holder, and even though I go to DLR about 3-5 times a year, we have our ways of saving money instead of spending on food and souvenirs in the parks. I might pay $700 for a Premium AP, but the most I spend at the parks is about $200 per trip. A family of 4 visiting DLR for 3 days will spend about $800 for park hopper tickets and about $500-1000 on food & souvenirs.

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    “The chaos, rather than being lessened, has been rerouted.” pretty much the entire article.

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