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  1. Brian

    I have to say, I’m not as optimistic about this version of their Night time Party, allthough I feel it might just be a temporary overlay to the Mad T Party, seeing as how most of their recent work has been redressing the existing infastructure. It will be interesting to see how much they change it.

  2. EricJ

    This is so…..nnnno.
    Frozen backlash aside, what is a “Frozen rock band” going to play?–Kickass covers of songs from “Wicked”??

    Hopefully they’ll cut this back to just a winter show, and by spring and summer give us what we really want…A Big Hero 6 J-pop party! 🙂

    1. AlyxR

      Oh my god, YESSSSS. Big Hero 6 J-pop and Electronic party.

  3. alicia aguirre

    Regardless what the decision might be …madtparty will always be my all time favorite!! too many memories and great moments with performers and also guests. We were all in sync and it felt great!! have nothing against frozen.. in fact i like the movie a lot but the frozen theme is replacing MadTparty and it makes me very sad that after since when it all started and we met there every sunday.. danced and sang with them and felt very comfortable…. we won’t be able to enjoy it anymore. i really miss it and i wish on its comeback in the future


      Omg I hadn’t even thought of a big hero 6 jpop party! That would be amazing!

      1. EricJ

        Even though they want to make this their first “Family-friendly” night party, because the other two were a little more 18-24 clubbish, Frozen just….doesn’t party down.
        Tim Burton’s Alice had a gothy sensibility and a built-in HS/college fancies, and ElecTRONica already had a Daft Punk soundtrack, those lent themselves to rock parties, but a Frozen party just seems like doing a Tangled party…No, strike that, Rapunzel probably WOULD be able to rock out, but Anna & Elsa are just too Broadway-showtune.

        Like the other two environments had built-in rock beats, San Fransokyo just seems to have that techno-Jpop beat that Arendelle doesn’t.
        (And if that fan idiot comes back asking why Disney doesn’t do something with Hatsune Miku, okay, -now- would be a good opportunity for them.) 😉

  4. Ariel J. Quinn

    I have had ENOUGH of this Frozen stuff! I say DLR has over-killed this Frozen stuff indeed! I LOVED ElecTRONica first because I am “stuck in the 80’s What a fun and awesome decade that was for sure. I grew up in that time era.

    I LOVED t Mad T Party. I do hope they bring it back. I MIGHT check out this “Freeze Dance Party ONCE. Yet, it’s just not the same with T Nyet!!!

  5. Greg

    So far I think Mad T Party had the best balance of the DCA parties. The theme for Electronica was cool, but stretching it the entire length of the Hollywood area with no real filler didn’t work. I’m glad they contained everything to within a few feet for Mad T Party. I hope Freeze the Night is just a DJ, and not a band. But with meet & greets and live shows, I don’t know if a night street party is warranted in this case.

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