Comments for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer debuts online giving a first look at Episode VII heroes, villains, and more


  1. Vincent

    Thank you J.J. Abrams for make Star Wars the best one ever

  2. EricJ

    For a while, I was saying “What’s with the whole JJ Abrams ‘lens flare’ thing the fan-geeks keep complaining about?” And then I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness.

    And if it seems a little short, at least–unlike The Avengers–they waited until they had some actual special effects to show us before making the teaser. It’s supposed to -tease-, after all.

    (Over on another board, we’ve been making a list of “How to spot a YouTube Fan-Fakie”:
    1) If it has an obsession with telling us Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford is in it,
    2) If it has an obsession with telling us any other existing OT character is back in it,
    3) If it makes ABSOLUTELY SURE to include the Disney logo, or the Abrams logo, because, y’know, they worked on it (you’ll notice the real one doesn’t)

  3. Eric Ramocki

    Good to see some EU stuff in the trailer there such as the broadsword lightsaber.

    1. Eric Ramocki

      I mean Crossguard, sorry.

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