Comments for Review: “Maleficent” Blu-ray extras mirror the film itself, following a forced retelling of a classic fairy tale


  1. Megs

    THANK YOU! I have struggled explaining why I couldn’t fully enjoy this movie, even though it really is simple. They just changed it way too much. My husband wants to get the Blu Ray on Black Friday, and I told him it’s not even worth it. Thank you for giving me an excuse as to why the bonus features aren’t worth spending time on.

  2. Dallas

    Personally I loved this movie. The original film is pretty but it lacks character development and the only thing memorable about the original film was Maleficent.

    I thought this film fixed a lot of the issues I had with the original film. Also you people seem to forget that at the very beginning of the movie it says this is not the same Sleeping Beauty story you have heard before. A lot of you need to take of your nostalgia goggles and realize the “perfect” film that is Sleeping Beauty is not that perfect.

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