Great Movie Ride to get updated as Walt Disney World partners with Turner Classic Movies in new sponsorship

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When Walt Disney World recently announced the giant Sorcerer Mickey Hat would be removed from Disney’s Hollywood Studios, fans wondered what would happen to the Great Movie Ride behind it.

Disney has announced a new partnership with Turner Classic Movies (TCM) to breathe some new life into the classic attraction.

In partnership with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, TCM will sponsor the Great Movie Ride, making some changes to the experience along with featuring the TV network’s name and logo on signage throughout the attraction.

Changes at the ride will be complete by spring 2015, updating the queue and finale videos to include TCM host Robert Osborne. The sponsorship also gives fans confidence that Disney does not plan to tear down the park’s iconic Chinese Theater replica once the big hat disappears, returning the view that the park had back when it opened decades ago.

The queue line will feature new digital movie posters and the finale will feature a new montage of classic movie moments. After guests exit the attraction, they will have a photo opportunity with a classic movie theme.

A web page has been launched to showcase the partnership on

The deal with TCM extends to Walt Disney Studios, which will allow vintage programming for the network, including “Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color” for a new programming block called “Treasures From the Disney Vault” to debut on Dec. 21. offers a schedule for Treasures From the Disney Vault airings.

It’s not the first time Disney and Turner Classic Movies have partnered, recently hosting two TCM cruises aboard the Disney Magic and regularly taking part in the annual TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood.

More details are expected when Disney makes the announcement tomorrow.


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    Sounds like this may be an excellent partnership. I look forward to seeing the programming on TCM

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      I am excited, I love the Great Movie Ride but it is good to change it up a little. Adding movies classics at the end makes sense and nice addition of photos with theme!

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        I love the great movie ride it’s good to update it a bit but seriously! Tearing down the Chinese theater! I love that theater 🙁 but I’m thankful there not getting rid of the ride but what will be the park icon now no hat no Chinese theater what will it be it has to be good and big

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    Great news! Hopefully, they will simply add to the experience and not remove some of the movies scenes featured. If memory serves me right, Disney paid a hefty price for the likeness of many of the actors. James Cagney, Maureene O’Sullivan, Gene Kelly, John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood and not to mention that entire Wizard of Oz scene. Here’s hoping my two loves of movies and Disney make this favorite attraction of mine something that ALL generations can enjoy time and time again.

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    Any idea if changes are planned for the ride itself? Or just the films played in the queue and the finale?

    The ride needs some attention — even if just to the AAs and the script.

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    I’m glad to see Disney making new changes aroung Hollywood, but this is just a little bit to much. The Great Movie Ride is my sister and I favorite classic ride at MGM. Hope these changes will still keep the ride into a classic adventure through the movies.

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    TCM’s had a good partnership with Disney, occasionally showing some of the rare vintage live-actions and Studio Ghiblis that the Disney Channel (ahem) SHOULD be showing in between their 80’s-sitcom throwbacks…
    (The TCM documentary “The Age of Believing” accompanied their marathon of classic live-action Disney, and is one of the best on the subject.)

    As for TGMR, it was supposed to be a partnership with MGM, back when “Disney-MGM Studios” was a production facility for both companies. Even after the breakup, TGMR was allowed to keep Oz and Singin’ in the Rain, but since it’s all under TCM’s banner anyway, no loss.

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    I hope Footlight Parade is fixed…

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    Footlight parade will most likely be taken out…

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    uhh what does tcm air other than the 2 shows you listed because i never heard of it before i stick to the kid chaneels (i know it’s lame but i’m only 13 and NO i am not showing any other personal info)

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    Marc Morini

    I can’t wait to hear more. This sounds like a win win for both companies.

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    Jeany Sanchez

    great sponsorship with Disney! TCM is perfect sponsor for the great movie ride. Awesome news!

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    Any word on how long this deal is for?

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    I hope they can put in some David Lean films, such Lawrence of Arabia or Bridge on the River Kwai

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    TCM shows old movies, especially those that are well-known or have famous stars. Many are suitable for your age, but some are not. One thing some teenagers do is work with an adult to look through the week’s movie schedule and arrange to copy anything that looks interesting and appropriate. (Congratulations in being so cautious about personal information! Hint: when I want to refer to my age, I don’t give an actual number. I just say “senior” or “retirement age.” You could say “younger teenager.”)

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      In fact, with AMC now gone all cable-series, TCM’s probably the last remaining channel on the air that still SHOWS movies from before 1980, and one of the last fortress holdouts of being able to discover a classic old B/W movie for free.
      And I second the idea of “Ask your parents”, since, with movies all going to disk now, there isn’t the chance outside of TCM to watch a cool movie you’ve never heard of. 🙂

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    TOM A

    Love this news! Can’t wait to see what changes are in store. Have always loved the ride and never miss riding it while I am there. Hopefully they will revamp a couple of the sections. The horror section needs to be changed. It is too vague and nothing really happens. Perhaps get rid of the Tarzan section and if they are not going to fix Footlight Parade just get rid of it and replace it with something else. That little area is small I could see something like Audrey Hephurn in her Breakfast black dress or perhaps Marilyn and Jane Russell in one of the singing scenes from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Just please dont touch the classics like Wizards, Casablanca and Mary Poppins. The James Cagney underwold scene and Wild West used to be so fun before everything stopped working. Sometimes they cut the scenes so short and just drive through.

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      I’ll assure you everything is still working fine! I rode through it just last month, and it’s the same as it was when I worked there 15 years ago.

      If you’re in the front car, you drive through the gangster scene and stop in the cowboy scene. If you’re in the back car, you stop in the gangster scene and drive through the cowboy scene.

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    This is amazing news! And it guarantees that the Great movie ride won’t be taken out of the parks and also more vintage disney programming also hope they update the ride just a little it’s a great ride and facade

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    PLEASE don’t get rid of the Wizard of Oz! Also, I really enjoy 90% of the clips at the end!

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      The old clip montage was by Chuck Workman, King of the Clip Montages–
      While they’re bringing in Robert Osborne for TCM prestige, I also suspect we’ll be seeing a bit less of Sister Act and Good Morning, Vietnam.

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        And (hopefully) less of Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and the Chronicles of Narnia.

        Seriously, whoever thought it was a good idea to put those films in the montage should be slapped.

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    I am happy that the ride will get revamped because it does not to be changed a little bit, but one thing that it says about the hat being removed I think is wrong. I don’t think that it should be removed do to that fact that that hat is the icon of that park.

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      The Earful Tower is the actual icon of tjis park.

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    I am happy that the ride will get revamped because it does need to be changed a little bit, but one thing that it says about the hat being removed I think is wrong. I don’t think that it should be removed do to that fact that that hat is the icon of that park.

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    I’ve wanted this updated for a while but I also didn’t want it to lose the “classics” and just be pop culture. Hopefully they update the whole experience and the script. Maybe allow some improv for the guide like Jungle Cruise

    Also, hopefully it’s ready by May next year. My brother and his fiancé are getting married at the wedding pavilion then and I dunno when they can return so I hope they can experience it when they get married… Though I live here so I will be able to go the weekend after so yay

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    Eric Ramocki

    I wonder if the Alien scene is on the chopping block.

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      I really hope they keep The alien scene, it’s my favourite! Although I think they need to get all the aliens working and not just the one in the ceiling!
      I’m so glad the hat is going & getting back to having the earful tower as the icon of the park! The hat has ruined the beautiful view of the theatre for too long now…
      I hope they don’t ruin the montage too much? I’ve always liked it, other than a few changes they’ve added recently that make no sense?!

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    Kerry Hill

    The hat coming down, TGMR getting a revamp and tons of new stuff about to be added to the Studios … I am mega excited!!!

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    Eric B. Freeman

    Interesting news about Disney is coming to TCM, Turner’s owned channel.

    I wonder if Disney would also be on Turner’s other channels like Cartoon Network at some point.

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    Jack A.Freeman

    We love the GMR. We are looking forward to the revitalization as the movie displays started to lack the Disney Magic. Hopefully ready for the summer 2015.

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    Brooke B

    I think this is awesome, but I hope they still pay tribute to Casablanca. I wish they would add more Gone with the Wind to the new ride but I know that is a long shot, lol

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