Comments for Walt Disney World names 2015-2016 ambassadors in special ceremony to represent thousands of cast members


  1. Jeff Lynch

    Nathaniel is kind of cute. Good pick.

  2. Nick Faver

    Just a friendly note: the last picture is actually of Debby Dane-Brown, who although she was the first Walt Disney World ambassador in 1971, is different from Julie Reihm, who represented all of Disney Parks in 1964 back when Disneyland was the only property.

  3. Steven

    Debby Dane Browne is pictured in the last image; she was the first Walt Disney World Ambassador. Julie Reihm made an appearance at the Disneyland Ambassador Ceremony in California the same day, however.

  4. Jack MacGregor

    Need to know 2015-16 WDW presidents email address. I have a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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