Comments for VIDEO: Maelstrom tribute final ride at Epcot as “Frozen” takes over Walt Disney World


  1. Greg

    I am so glad my every other year trip coincided with being able to ride this a couple to times last week. Who would have thought fastpasses for Maelstrom would be needed in late September. I really hope they knock our socks off with this new attraction, using special effects and everything else up their sleeves. I wonder if they may push the building out a bit to make more room. I heard somewhere that they will change the Movie room into the new queue and boarding area, with the current boarding area being a scene. Who knows. Maelstrom was never a great ride, but it was classic EPCOT and will be missed. I sure hope they will add more pavilions at some point, with more Country-focusing rides or attractions. Wasn’t Maelstrom the last attraction to open in World Showcase?

  2. Britt

    Enough of Frozen. Seriously, I wish WDW knew that what made most of it’s rides great was that they weren’t based off a movie. Haunted Mansion, Small world, Tiki Room, Soarin, Tower of terror, expidition everest, kilimonjaro safaris…The list goes on. Whatever ride/ attraction comes out of this had BETTER be good

    1. Mark

      Somethings should not be changed. As a teenager, father and almost grandfather it is sad to see this iconic experience become lost in a trend of commercialization at its peak. Epcot, although compromised from the beginning of Walts original intentions turned into a enjoyable experience with the World pavilions. Now the pavilions once focused on their specific national origin are being compromised. I miss the original El Rio del Tiempo ride at Mexico pavilion and after riding the new The Three Caballeros once never went back. Don’t get me wrong I like Donald Duck but the tune and experience was quite boring. Hope the same does not happen with Frozen but would rather have the original Maelstrom. What next “Oh Canada” becomes a trailer for the next Disney movie trend? Eh.

    2. Danielle

      The Tower of Terror and Haunted Mansion were actually based off of a movie but I still agree.

      1. Nicole

        No, the rides were not based off of movies. The movies are based off of the rides.

  3. Dave

    I shall miss you, Ner-vay

  4. Andrew

    I’m happy to see what WDI has in store for Norway and “Frozen” world showcase and now Epcot will now have a major draw and I’m excited to see the new ride

  5. Reesie

    Thank you for having a nice, respectful tribute as opposed to other sites that shall remain nameless. Really sick of seeing “Here’s the last day’s photos. This ride sucked. Bring on Frozen!!”

    Some of us were fans of this ride, and it’s a piece of park history, like it or not. Great video as always, guys. I will personally miss this ride.

  6. apples

    Time for new. Epcot is becoming old.

  7. Jim

    I’ve been on the ride a bunch of times and always loved it, but I’m not upset about the change. I just watched the video of the last day for Maelstrom, and maybe it’s just me, but when I saw the last shot at the very end of the video, all I could think was “look, it’s Arendelle!”.

  8. Michael

    I still love Epcot but it is not the same as it was years ago. It used to be a place of knowledge and learning. I still to this day miss Horizons, World of Motions, Body Wars, and The Living Seas.

    1. frostysnowman

      I agree. Horizons used to be my favorite in Future World. And I really miss Cranium Command, too.

  9. Sarah

    I will really miss this ride. It was such a part of my Disney Legacy that I’ve grown up with since a child. Now being 27 I miss so many great rides. Norway was a nice little break in between everything. Sick of Disney getting rid of all the good rides. I miss 20,000 Leagues under the Sea to this day. The original test track was even better than what they have now. My children will never know the same joys I’ve had here.

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