Comments for SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular Is back offering family friendly Halloween fun for everyone


  1. Emma

    Halloween fun for everyone expect the animals held captive there. I would hope people who write articles for the public to see would be enlightened enough to know that $eaWorld is a cruel place for cetaceans. Whales and dolphins do not belong in small concrete tanks. They are far too sophisticated, intelligent, and emotional to be confined to such artificial conditions where they are prone to premature death from stress and other unnatural causes. Animals should not be exploited for money by greedy corporations like $eaWorld. Captivity kills.

  2. Kevin

    I love how everyone watches black fish and suddenly seaworld is the model for animal abuse.. Yet they probably own a dog in which they purchased and someone made money off of.. I mean why attack seaworld when parks and zoos across the world hold animals in captivity out of their natural environment. Yet seaworld gets all the heat. I was saddened to hear trainers could no longer swim with the whales. Oh it’s dangerous…. No one complains about nascar drivers whipping around a track at high speeds. OSHA a government organization bans trainers from the water, but we can send our young men and women in to hostile countries to fight a war. If a person chooses to take that path and swim with the whales, it’s their decision and they accept the risk. Seaworld does not beat their animals or starve them or treat them inhumanly. I’m sure there are other parks/zoos across the country that treat their animals a lot less humanly. So if you want to preach and think you are doing something great for these animals please find a better purpose in life. Kinda saddens me that my son will never see the shamu show as it was when I was a kid. It was inspiring. But people like you have a sad life that you have to worry about things that are clearly none of your business and ruin it for the majority. Please find a real noble cause. Help a struggling single mother, fight for control of our government, better and safer education for our children. But to talk down a company like seaworld who does actualy try to give back and help the marine animal community… Please. Great company fun for the family, I look forward to spooktaular this and maybe next weekend. Please don’t ruin it for me by having to tell my son oh those are just protestors that think they have a noble cause but really need to just go get a job.

    1. Animal extremists will always over exaggerate animal abuse. Orcas have had more conservation treatment at Seaworld than at any other marine park. No organization is perfect, there will always be animal abuse going on, but as long as the overall welfare of animals overpowers the evils of people who like to torture animals, then let Seaworld’s conservation efforts be noticed and appreciated.

  3. Jay

    ^ He works at Seaworld.

  4. Emma

    Why would you support $laveWorld? Animal abuse is unacceptable. Anyone with common sense would see that cetaceans don’t belong in an amusement park..

  5. Cynthia

    Thank you! There are so many reviews of Disney and Universal Halloween events but not so much for the smaller theme parks. Really appreciate the detail you put into what they have to offer for this event.

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