Comments for Review: “Dracula Untold” entertaining but – much like its lead character – weak, even at Halloween Horror Nights


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  2. I dunno… I think the movie was a success for all the reasons this critique believes or was a failure.

    The blending of the much nowadays needed cgi (for the drug addled children) minimalist yet realist blending of myth and reality, can teach to young and old alike without voting people with background story. Lets facet it, movies are 300 redux because because consider the rock the mummy not some moaning bathhouse doll wrapped in too much toilet paper.


    The fact that universal can brand this in theme parks both loosely our closely is a power that Vlad would have appreciated add must anyone who understands the essence of keeping things vague and our dropping the appropriate story line at times leads those who will yearn for knowledge to kinda and legends of old.

  3. kirny

    i just came from seeing the movie and i must say that i freaking loved it absolutely loved it story was perfect and a fantastic ending this critic sorry to say just being a critic!!!! its a must watch guys

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