New ‘Inside the Merch’ merchandise blog shows off the latest fun products from Disney and beyond

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There’s no doubt Disney fans love Disney merchandise. Whether just browsing or immediately buying, it’s always fun to find new Disney products.

Today we are launching a new blog called “Inside the Merch” dedicated solely to merchandise. It will largely focus on official Disney merchandise, direct from Disney or licensed. But we’ll also include unofficial products that we love. And we’ll even throw in a few things that aren’t Disney but relate to our usual topics – theme parks, pop culture, and the like.

It’s easy to find our new merchandise blog. At the top of every page, you’ll see the Merchandise Blog link in the navigation bar. You can also simply visit And we’ve set up an RSS feed just for new products as well.

Our new merchandise master Corinne Andersson will be largely in charge of posting what’s new. She lives for shopping and wants to share that passion with you.

We’re launching with nine different categories that all the merchandise will be sorted into: Apparel, Beauty, Accessories, Lifestyle, Toys, Collectibles, Halloween, Christmas, and Theme Parks. You’ll find buttons for each of these nine categories at the top of every merchandise page.

We are also tagging each post with the store it came from. So if you’re buying something from, say, Entertainment Earth or Disney Store and want to add more to your cart, simply click any of the appropriate tags at the top of a post to browse more from that shop.

A handful of products have already been added to each category just to kick things off, but we will continue to post regularly even more so you’ll have plenty to browse through in the future.

So what types of products are we featuring? How about Disney Animators’ Collection Dolls?

Or some Halloween goodies?

Or even a Baby Groot model kit?

Just a few examples of what we’ll include. In addition, product announcements and reviews will be posted to the new blog too.

And yes – full disclosure – all product links throughout the merchandise blog are via affiliate programs, so we will make a few cents, or maybe even a few dollars, on each purchase you make. Consider it a way of contributing to Inside the Magic without directly donating.

So head to Inside the Merch now to check it out and be sure to bookmark it and add it to your RSS reader to continue to receive all the latest fun product updates.

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