Comments for Disney announces “Moana” as 2016 animated film from “The Little Mermaid” filmmakers, set in ancient South Pacific


  1. jeff

    No cg……get real animation

    1. Andrewski

      CG is awesome! Just look at Papperman. CG has so much potiential!

      1. I’m so glad that the innretet allows free info like this!

      2. This is a much better feature than the private option. I wish more people read this blog so they knew how much YT is trying to accommodate it's users, even if its one little thing at a time. Can't wait to try it!

    2. Rob

      CG is what the masses have come to expect. It’s not the animators necessarily choosing what medium to work in, pressure comes down from the executive level when CG films are what is turning the most profit.

    3. ApocalypsePooh

      Why are you assuming they won’t be using the Paperman/Feast technique of combining CGI and animation? I betcha they are.

      1. TielO

        Because is says:
        Walt Disney Animation Studios announced today “Moana,” a CG-animated comedy-adventure …

        I guess reading an article is optional if you go and comment on it.

  2. Eric Ramocki

    The closest thing we will get to a Wind Waker movie adapation.

  3. Eric B. Freeman

    How come all animated films needs to be fully comedy instead of usually being serious mostly, especially with lack of or less/fewer humor throughout, back it’s in days?

  4. TielO

    So what will we get this time, 4 princesses unlike 2, 3 sidekicks unlike 2 and if we are lucky 5 awful top 40 songs that have no relation to the characters culture what so ever.

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